You’ve got a great website with hundreds, maybe thousands of visitors and that’s great, but each individual visitor has its own interests, motivation, and goals. And you are showing them all the SAME CONTENT. Not very clever. The solution for this is content personalization. Allowing you to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time and in the right form.

So, How Does A Personalized Customer Experience Work?

For example, you are the owner of Eletrix Inc., a company offering every kind of consumer electronics products imaginable. Your company website is very popular, but each visitor arrives with different goals. Let’s take a look at one of them.

Meet visitor 3,713. Visitor 3,713 found your blog post on “10 Best business laptops: Top laptops for work in 2019” where you included the referral link to your website. He’s about to land on your homepage which displays the same generic content you show to everyone who finds your website. But hold on a minute! Don’t we already know something about visitor 3,713? Sure we do.

So, what exactly do we know about visitor 3,713 and what can we do with this information?

  • We know he’s looking for a laptop for work, so let’s show our best offers of that kind of devices on the homepage.
  • His IP address places him in London, we can show him our special London delivery offer.
  • The device he visited from has the macOS operating system, maybe it could be relevant to show him the latest MacBook Pro?

Personalization Profile

Now our Visitor 3713 is no longer just “Visitors 3713”, it is a person looking for a work laptop (which should supposedly be on macOS) and is located in London.


Generic homepage VS Personalized homepage

Now when visitor 3,713 lands on your website, he is welcomed with content tailored to his specific interests and goals. As he browses your offerings, his interest grows and he consumes much of your content about laptops and other consumer electronics products, even signing up for your monthly newsletter.

Newsletter pop up

Newsletter pop-up

During his absence, we can make use of the email address he provided to send him information around his key interests now even more easily identifiable from his browsing history of your site.

Hyperise Coupon Code

Using the Hyperise app we can dynamically update personalized elements of an image in our emails, such as profile images, first or last name of the recipient making our emails more personal.


Browse abandonment email

Further Personalization For A MacbookPro Buyer

Returning to your site, visitor 3,713 added the laptop (13-inch MacBook Pro) to the cart and decided to finish the purchase. But before he pays for the laptop, you can suggest related products on the cart page, like a mouse, headphones or adapters — this way you increase the order value and while doing that  — the overall store’s average order value.


Product recommendation widget

Congratulations, now visitor 3,713 is a customer of Eletrix Inc! A relationship has been established, and trust has been won. But the personalized experience doesn’t end here. Visitor 3,713 purchases his laptop and mouse by entering his full name, address and credit card information and now we know:

  • His name: Michael Harris
  • His address: London, 38 Guild Street
  • Order history: 13-inch MacBook Pro + Magic Mouse
  • Order value: 1,478$

Michael is no longer visitor 3,713, but a loyal customer. Next time Michael needs any consumer electronics, he’ll most likely return to your site, as his last experience was great. This is the perfect time to show that you remember him and offer him a discount for the next purchase.

Loyalty rewards

Discount for the next purchase


You can start using personalization to improve your visitors' experience, giving them exactly what they want, making them feel like a part of your happy family and making them more loyal to your brand. But, be warned — actively using content personalization on your website may lead to:

  • Increased engagement and contentment of your visitors
  • Boosted conversion rates
  • Increased average order value
  • Shortened sales cycle and boosted revenues