Fraud Blocker

From offer to instant checkout

Give small nudges that will make you forget about cart abandonment. All the tools you need for an immediate sale.

Triggers & Targets

Catch them at the exit

Bring them back into action with the most effective trigger. And don’t stop there, make sure you find the right target as well.


Cart value


Cart items


Cart size

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Mobile Exit Intent

The right triggers for all screens

No doubt that some of your visitors will try to exit your page from their phones. But we have the perfect triggers for that too!

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Limited Time Offers

Attract them with the right elements

You can always count on FOMO, and make offers that no one can resist. It’s difficult to turn down a promotion, especially if it only lasts 15 minutes!

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The best features to prevent cart abandonment

Drag & Drop Editor

Discover the easiest way to create forms, with elements that will sell.

Mobile responsive widgets

A seamless transitions for all screen types. Responsiveness that exceeds expectations.

Abandonment detection

The best technology to prevent abandonment. The right time for the right message.

Countdown timers

Make the best use of the elements that will trigger a sale. Time is the best motivator.

Variety of templates

Never start from scratch with your design. Choose the perfect layout, for a perfect outcome.

Smart targeting

The best targeting options that will help your catch the right customer at the right moment.

A/B Testing

Being informed always pays off

The content you use for your forms will always look good with Personizely. But always count on A/B testing to make the best version for your visitors.

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Customer stories

Average customer ratings (128 votes)

Most important marketing app

This is probably the best and most important marketing app in the Shopify App store. You need a 2-3h to understand everything properly. I had some problems and the support staff was very helpful and patient to solve everything in no time. Absolutely amazing. Honestly!

Christoph Bohrer

CEO at Stilform

Exit intent pop-ups made easy

We spent two weeks to implement some custom pop ups and finally realized there is a better, easier way: Personizely. It's fast, easy to use and build a widget, flexible

Lucian B.

CTO at Otto Broker

Best automatization software for B2C

One of the most powerful feature of the software is the elegant design and the excellence of the customer support.

Activé FiberShake - logo.svg
Pócsi Bence

Marketing Manager at Activé FiberShake

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