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If there is a Wisepop alternative you need to take a closer look at, it’s Personizely. But you don’t need to look too hard, we’ve got here everything you need to really understand how much it can change your marketing game.

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Responsive widget builderYesYes
Popup widgetsYesYes
Callout widgetsYesYes
Bar widgetsYesYes
Embedded widgetsYesYes
Full-screen overlaysNoYes
Multi-step widgetsYesYes
Teaser offersYesYes
Dynamic personalization placeholdersYesYes
Advanced widget customizationYesYes
Widget branding managementYesNo
Custom fontsYesYes
Custom fieldsYesYes
Widget A/B testingYesYes
Advanced targeting (20+ filters)YesYes
Cross-sell/upsell (Shopify)YesYes
Cart progress (Shopify)YesYes
Widget export/import across accountsYesNo
Email validation integrationsYesYes
Goal trackingYesYes
2-way contacts syncYesYes
CRM/EMS targetingYesNo
Website personalization editorYesNo
Mobile exit intentYesYes
Trigger conditionsYesYes
Mutliple triggers per widgetYesNo
10,000 Monthly Visitors$29-
30,000 Monthly Visitors$59-
90,000 Monthly Visitors$129-
250,000 Monthly Visitors$199-
1,000,000 Monthly Visitors$449-
Widget builder

Drag-and-drop is the best way

If you are looking for the easiest way to design your popups, then look no further. With all the elements you might ever need, all you need to do is to drop them on the right spot. Just pick your winning combination, and you’re golden.

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Widget types

The best popup styles from the best Wisepops alternative

It’s all about style, and the results it will bring you. Choose the right approach with your new favourite Wisepops alternative.

Popup Widget

Newsletter popups

Get their attention, and their emails too

Callout widgets

Callout widgets

Give the perfect amount of attention

Product Recommendations

Product recommendations

Just a nudge to increase their spending

Bar Widgets

Bar announcements

When everything else fails, there’s always shipping

Embedded widgets

Embedded widgets

Blend it into the page, and hide it in plain sight

Teaser offers

Teaser offers

Leave them a way to change their mind

Mobile responsive widgets

Get the mobile responsiveness you really need

A responsive website is an efficient website. Accommodating different users is very much a given these days, and with Personizely, you can be sure that all of your popups will flow along the same guidelines as your other pages. It’s the kind of responsiveness your website needs and your visitors deserve.

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Multiple triggers

Stand out with the right triggers

Improve the performance of your popups trifold by simply using advanced triggers. You might not realise it, but when your widget reaches your visitor is probably one of the most make or break moments in the entire process. So make good use of the Personizely advanced triggers, and start your week with the right foot forward.

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Targeting options available in Personizely

Visit and session history.svg

Visit and session history

Traffic source.svg

Traffic source

CSS Selectors.svg

CSS Selectors

Form data.svg

Form data

Interaction history.svg

Interaction history








UTM Parameters





List subscription status.svg

List subscription status

Frame 148(3).svg

Just one step to a successful integration

Becoming a pro in dealing with your email lists can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. With Personizely, it will take you a couple seconds to set the path from your popup to your list. Sound good, right? Give it a try, and you will also find out how efficient it can make your workflow.

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Create an individual experience

Work with the differences

People are different, and that’s what makes us special. So why let your website experience be the same for everyone? With Personizely, you can cater to the needs of every single visitor and create the type of connection that will matter in the long run. Get started and see for yourself!

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Conversion optimization solution

All your conversion in one place

Taking care of your conversion is vital. With Personizely, you can be confident that you're doing it the smart way. Whether you need website personalization, popups, or both, you can be sure to get the best results, all from the same platform. Try it out today!

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