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Discover Personizely, the best Justuno alternative. Here you can find everything you need to dive deeper into all the differences, similarities, and overall features, which will help you make up your mind.

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Responsive widget builderYesYes
Popup widgetsYesYes
Callout widgetsYesYes
Bar widgetsYesYes
Embedded widgetsYesYes
Full-screen overlaysNoYes
Multi-step widgetsYesYes
Teaser offersYesNo
Dynamic personalization placeholdersYesNo
Advanced widget customizationYesYes
Widget branding managementYesNo
Custom fontsYesYes
Custom fieldsYesYes
Widget A/B testingYesYes
Advanced targeting (20+ filters)YesYes
Cross-sell/upsell (Shopify)YesYes
Cart progress (Shopify)YesYes
Widget export/import across accountsYesNo
Email validation integrationsYesNo
Goal trackingYesNo
2-way contacts syncYesYes
CRM/EMS targetingYesYes
Website personalization editorYesYes
Mobile exit intentYesYes
Trigger conditionsYesYes
Mutliple triggers per widgetYesYes
10,000 Monthly Visitors$29$29
30,000 Monthly Visitors$59$99
90,000 Monthly Visitors$129$199
250,000 Monthly Visitors$199$499
1,000,000 Monthly Visitors$449$699
Widget builder

Drag-and-drop popup builder

If you have tried any of the existing popup builders, you know how important it is to have an intuitive approach. Personizely is bringing you just that. From the second you get started, you’ll be able to build your popups faster than you can say widget.

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Widget types

The best popup styles from the best Justuno alternative

It’s all about style. And the results it will bring you. Choose the right approach with your new favorite Justuno alternative.

Popup Widget

Newsletter popups

Get their attention, and their emails too

Callout widgets

Callout widgets

Give the perfect amount of attention

Product Recommendations

Product recommendations

Just a nudge to increase their spending

Bar Widgets

Bar announcements

When everything else fails, there’s always shipping

Embedded widgets

Embedded widgets

Blend it into the page, and hide it in plain sight

Teaser offers

Teaser offers

Leave them a way to change their mind

Mobile responsive widgets

Truly mobile responsive popups

It is a standard today to have your website and every single element on it fit into different screen sizes, but most of the time, it is just words, and there is always something slightly off. With Personizely, it is a different story. Get your popups ready for the mobile game from the very first step.

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Frame 148(2).svg
Multiple triggers

Advanced triggers

Forget about playing the guessing game when setting up your triggers. It is much easier to use the same ones over and over again, but with Personizely, you can get to know what works better for your specific audience. So get to the most advanced levels of your popup game today!

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Advanced Targeting

Targeting options available with Personizely

Visit and session history.svg

Visit and session history

Traffic source.svg

Traffic source

CSS Selectors.svg

CSS Selectors

Form data.svg

Form data

Interaction history.svg

Interaction history








UTM Parameters





List subscription status.svg

List subscription status

Frame 148(3).svg

Synch your data before all else

Your email list is on high priority, which is only natural. So why not make sure it's connected to your popups from the beginning? Forget about exporting and importing lists, and be sure that your list is filling up exactly where it should. See how it works today!

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Create an individual experience

Identify visitors

With Personizely, you can get that personal approach towards your visitors they deserve. Customize their shopping experience, make personalized offers, and see them come back over and over again.

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Conversion optimization solution

Popups and website personalization in a single platform

Your time is valuable, and every single tool you use should also work on making the most of it. With Personizely, you can manage all of your campaigns in a single place. Here, popups and personalization work together to help you reach your ultimate conversion level.

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