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How Activé FiberShake generated $109,600 revenue

Activé FiberShake delivers quick, healthy meals with its fiber-rich shakes. Crafted from natural ingredients, these shakes are perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. In 2021, they adopted Personizely, a powerful conversion rate optimization tool, for their Shopify e-commerce site. They aim to efficiently manage and embed widgets without compromising site speed.

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Personizely's role

Personizely played a key role in Activé FiberShake's digital transformation. Its impact was twofold: improving the site's aesthetics and enhancing functionality.

The integration of Personizely led to noticeable improvements in website speed and overall user experience. This was critical to keeping potential customers engaged and reducing bounce rates.

Personizely's comprehensive suite of tools enabled Activé FiberShake to focus on key marketing objectives.

Activé FiberShake products

These tools provided real-time insights into user behavior and preferences, enabling more targeted marketing strategies.

Key objectives included:

1. Expand Your Clientele for Enhanced Business Growth

Personizely's advanced segmentation and targeting capabilities enabled Activé FiberShake to reach a broader audience.

By analyzing session records and user interactions, they could tailor more effective and personalized marketing messages. This approach helped attract new website visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

2. Increase website conversion by 5-10%

Personizely's conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools significantly impacted this area. A/B and various tests allowed Activé FiberShake to experiment with different website elements.

They tested different layouts, calls to action, and content placements to see what resonated best with their audience. This data-driven approach led to a significant increase in conversion rates.

3. Enhance Your Average Order Value (AOV) by 10% for Substantial Revenue Growth

Personizely's cross-sell and upsell widgets were instrumental in achieving this goal. They effectively encouraged larger purchases by presenting customers with relevant product recommendations and tempting offers at the right time.

Strategy and tactics

Activé FiberShake focuses on providing a consistent, high-quality range of health-focused products. Their fiber-rich shakes, made with natural ingredients, caters to health-conscious consumers seeking convenient, nutritious options.

The company's product development emphasizes both quality and consistency. Which ensures that each offering aligns with their brand values and customer expectations.

Activé FiberShake uses Personizely to:

  • Build a strong customer base, using list-building and feedback tools during promotions.

A key aspect of their strategy involves building and maintaining a strong customer base. They achieve it through effective list-building practices, especially during promotions and holidays.

Integrating Personizely's list-building widgets helps activé FiberShake successfully segment and target the audience.

This approach actively directs their marketing efforts toward the success of new product launches and promotional campaigns.

Suggest related products to customers to increase AOV.

  • Use split and multivariate tests to refine marketing.
  • Activé FiberShake integrates Personizely's widgets for ecommerce sales

In summary, activé FiberShake's approach and strategy revolve around offering a high-quality, consistent product line.

They effectively build and segment the ideal customer base, employing targeted marketing strategies, and maximizing sales opportunities through intelligent product recommendations.

This holistic strategy ensures customer satisfaction and business growth.

Personizely in action

Personizely is an all-in-one conversion optimization tool that helped Activé FiberShake in several ways:

  1. Increase average order value (AOV): Personizely's cross-sell and upsell widgets on product pages actively engaged customers. They effectively encouraged shoppers to add more items to their basket. This approach increased sales and improved the shopping experience by suggesting relevant products.

  2. Increase conversion rates: The widgets did more than sit on the site; they actively converted site visitors into buyers. These tools effectively turned casual browsing into actual purchases by presenting timely and compelling offers, significantly increasing conversion rates.

  3. Expand the customer base: Personizely's list-building widgets were a game changer during promotions. They didn't just collect emails; they also helped build relationships. These widgets laid the foundation for future marketing campaigns and long-term customer relationships by capturing new customer emails.

Cross-sell pop-up widget: Maximizing sales opportunities

Activé FiberShake effectively used Personizely's cross-sell pop-up widget to increase sales.

This innovative tool appeared at a crucial moment - when customers added products to their basket. It cleverly recommended a limited edition shaker based on the customer's interest.

This strategy helped to boost sales and enhance the shopping experience by offering relevant, value-added products.

Targeting actual buyers in their purchasing journey has led to higher sales and greater customer satisfaction.


Created: 6 July, 2022

Views: 16,006

Widget CVR (conversion rate): 34%

Revenue: Ft14,429,529 (approx. $41,420)

Extra Revenue: Ft2,983,017 (about $8,560)

Goals hit: 730

Goal CVR: 4.6%

how to use The cross-sell pop-up widget with Personizely

Free Shipping upsell: Strategically increasing average order value (AOV)

The free shipping upsell widget was instrumental in increasing the AOV of Activé.

When customers chose a 56-serving intelligent unit, this smart widget recommended adding more items for free shipping.

This strategy taps into consumer psychology, where free shipping entices customers to purchase more.

This one-click upsell approach increases the Average Order Value (AOV) and offers customers extra value. Moreover, it encourages making larger purchases comfortably.


Created: 9 November, 2022

Views: 4,531

Clicks: 3,629

Widget CVR (conversion rate): 79%

Goals hit: 1,195

Goal CVR: 26.4%

Revenue: Ft21,474,836.47 (approx $61,650)

Free shipping upsell popup with Personizely

Building the customer base

Personizely's list-building widget was key in Activé FiberShake's growing customer base strategy.

This widget provided a 10% discount for new customers, with timing being a crucial factor.

It appeared when a user scrolled through 60% of a page, where engagement is typically high.

This strategic timing ensured the discount reached real users interested in the products. This made the discount all the more attractive and effective.

This tactic attracted new customers and laid the foundation for long-term relationships by providing immediate value.


Created: 25 October, 2023

Views: 18,831

Submits: 866

Widget CVR (conversion rate): 5%

Goals hit: 119

Goal CVR: 0.6%

Revenue: Ft2,253,033.99 (approx. $6,600)

Customer base Email list building with Personizely


Activé FiberShake's use of Personizely showcases a well-planned digital strategy. It perfectly matches their business goals and customer needs.

The key takeaways of this study case are that:

  • The right timing and offers matter.
  • A unified system like Personizely can streamline marketing tools.
  • Personalizing the customer journey increases engagement and satisfaction.

Using Personizely's widgets strategically improved the customer experience and created clear business benefits for Activé FiberShake. They grew their customer base, increased the average order value, and boosted conversion rates.

These insights are crucial for any business aiming to improve its online presence and engage effectively with its audience.

Do you want to elevate your e-commerce experience and optimize your conversions?

Then, you must consider exploring Personizely for free and see the difference it can make for your business!