25 Excellent PopUp Design Examples For Inspiration And High Conversion

Are you looking for attractive popup design examples that look nice on your site and, at the same time, convert visitors into contacts buyers? If the answer is yes - you are in the right place. It can be challenging to come up with a popup that goes perfectly with your website design and doesn't scare your visitors away. Here at Personizely, we care a lot about the aesthetics of your brand, so we decided to collect the most beautiful popup designs that will inspire you to create at least one for your website. We are sure that in the examples we've put together you will find at least a couple of design elements and strategies that you will want to use in your own website popups.

These 5 categories and 25 optimized popup examples will help you convert first-time visitors into contacts and buyers in no time. Let's get started!

Let's get started!

1. List building popup design best practices you need to know about

Nowadays, almost every website has the "Subscribe to our newsletter" email popup, but how many visitors do these standard popups convert? The answer is - very few. In 2022, the "Sign up for the newsletter" message is no longer attractive itself. To capture the visitor's contact info, the message needs to be a bit more ingenious and the popup design needs to stand out to catch visitors' attention and not make them close it right away.

Here are 5 examples that will inspire you to create an effective popup for your website and help you convert more visitors into contacts.

01. Organizing contests or giveaways is a good way of motivating visitors to leave their contact details. Add a great background image for impact

Everyone loves free stuff, be it a small sample or full-size. So never underestimate how impactful a giveaway can be, especially for someone who is not yet familiar with your product. It can be the perfect chance to see how great it is so they can become a loyal customer. (And they will already be on your email list.) The example below is perfectly illustrating how to encourage the visitor to leave their emails, so they get a chance to win an exclusive product.

email popup

02. Create the feeling of exclusivity. Send out popups with special offers just for the members of the "Club"

It is always exciting to be a part of something exclusive. And creating that feeling will only generate more interest and curiosity about your content. It will also make it known that whoever doesn't subscribe to your newsletter might miss out on a lot.


03. Segment your contacts to send relevant offers in addition to your great popup design

Letting your new subscribers choose the type of content they would like to get news on is not just effective in terms of relevance, but it will let everyone know that you are aware of the different interests that your clients have. So, instead of receiving every single email with news and updates, they can be sure to get only whatever they specifically need and want. In this example from the brand “Life”, the visitors have the option to choose to receive news only from the Men’s or Women’s collections.


04. Offer your visitors something valuable in return for their email address

If something has value to you, it's only fair to give something in return. Even if, in the long run, your client will receive exclusive perks with your email subscription, it’s always better to have an instant reward, something that at the same time might work as an incentive for a first-time purchase. The pop-up below offers an instant promo for those buying sunglasses for the first time in exchange for their email address.


05. Use a customizable Messenger popup template to achieve a 2x higher conversion rate compared to email

Emails are effective, and no one is denying it. However, statistics do not lie, and they all prove that having an instant connection to your messenger list can bring you a much higher conversion rate. And you can always test it for yourself if you need proof.


2. Onsite retargeting popup design examples

Onsite retargeting means bringing the content your visitors are looking for closer to them so they don't have to look for it. Using segmentation tactics and correct triggers can help you promote the right content to the right audience with perfect timing.

If you have a new product, a new blog post, or even a SALE and you would like to inform and redirect your visitors towards it, onsite retargeting might help you with this.

06. New product? Announce it to your visitors and retarget with the right call-to-action!

If you have a new product and are excited to share the news with your visitors, there is never a wrong time to do it. Although, someone who is just dropping by for the first time might not necessarily be looking for the newest thing. That is where you can get brownie points by showing the new content to those you are sure will be as excited about it as you! And adding a cta button that gives several options is always a good idea, especially for something new that your visitors are not familiar with.

promo popup

07. New collection? New high-converting popups!

Seasons come around fairly regularly, and no matter what type of product you have, chances are that you are releasing new collections at least once or twice a year. So, getting the word out is an obvious and necessary thing to do. Retargeting comes in handy here, as you can also add special discounts or early bird promotions to your most loyal clients.

sales promo popups

08. Announce website visitors about sales and retarget them to your page of choice

Letting people know about your sales and promotions is always useful, to you and them. You can show different promotions to different people, based on a variety of factors. And you can always direct them, so they land on exactly the page you want to show, or the item you want them to see first.

onsite retargeting popup

09. Suggest to your visitors a related article when they finish reading the current one

When it comes to the published content on your website or blog, it is always a great idea to make further recommendations. It might be on a specific topic or even the same subject. But doing this will not only help your readers realize that you have loads of useful information already but will also prompt them to join your mailing list, to receive everything that you might publish in the future.

popups for blog

10. Inform visitors about a discount for products they visited earlier

As online shoppers, we browse a lot. We might find something we like, but then we leave. We come back to the same page but leave again. Sometimes the price and timing are not right, or we are just comparing the options. But the fact remains, there is some interest there. So why not get personal about it? If you show a discount pop-up to someone already interested in the product, it is much more likely that they will buy it this time around.

discount popup

3. Downloadable popup examples to grow your email list (eBook)

Ebooks, reports, and other informational materials are not just good for lead generation, but they are also excellent for educating your potential customers about your product and industry.

Convert, Inform, Earn Money - below, we will show you five beautiful pop up design examples that you can copy straight away.

11. Want to know more about your leads? Use forms with more fields

If you want to understand your audience on a more advanced level, forms are usually the best way to go. With Personizely you can create custom fields, and the possibilities are endless. In the example below, besides the name and the email address, the form includes the name company name, job title, and phone number. And you can always make the fields optional or compulsory.

leadmagnet popup

12. Forms with fewer fields are filled more often, so keep that in mind

As mentioned in the previous example, the possibilities are endless when things come to fields. However, pop-up real estate needs to be used wisely. If there is too much information your visitors need to provide, you risk an abrupt change of mind. So whenever you can, keep it short and sweet.

email popup form

13. Short descriptions help visitors understand if they need this eBook or not

If you are offering your visitors an e-book, booklet, or anything packed with useful information, it is always better to make sure that they understand why it is so important for them to have it. Adding a short description will do the job perfectly. The pop-up below is a perfect example, as it also includes a short citation, which helps to deliver the importance of the eBook and its contents.

lead generation popup

14. Convince them to join your email list with "eye-catching" illustrations in your popup designs

A popup is always best received when it includes a visual aid. One of your products in good lighting is always a good choice. But for downloadable content, a well-fitting illustration that catches the eye is also something to consider, like in the pop-up below. You can always play with font and contrasting colors and see what works for you and your visitors.

email list building popup

15. The best popup design starts with a question, not a message

And it’s always good to be specific about it. It opens a dialogue between you and your visitors. You are no longer just pushing information onto them, but making them answer back. It’s a great way to make them understand better the “Why” behind their decision to get the “Edureka Skill Report”, like in the example below. The headline works as the perfect opener, and since they are already on your website chances are it's exactly what they need. So a free report will encourage visitors to share their contact information.

popup design

4. E-commerce high-converting popup designs

If you are an entrepreneur or online store marketer, terms like cross-sell, up-sell and related products aren't new to you. But what does this have to do with popups? Believe it or not, popups are the best tool you can use to increase sales and the average order value for your store. Below you can see how…

16. Show your visitors deals that are only available for a limited time, even on mobile popups

A countdown is a very versatile addition to your widget. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out. And it’s never fun to miss out on things, it’s not a very pleasant feeling. But you can use it in your favor with a simple countdown timer. Making offers that only last a couple of minutes are effective for many types of promotions. Especially when your visitors know that once they close the pop-up or the timer runs out, they will have to pay the full price!

limited time offer popup

17. Loyal customers spend up to 67% more than new customers, and that's one of the practices you need to know and use!

Once someone purchases on your website, it’s fair to say that the connection is there. It’s only a matter of time until they return to your store, so why not make them a special offer? As the title says, returning customers will 0900_aily spend more, so why not give them a nudge? In the example below, the popup targets loyal customers, and it’s a super exclusive offer that will make them feel special. You can always add a promo code as the second step, or send it to them by email.

special offer popup

18. Offer additional products when the buyer adds an item to their cart

Whenever someone adds an item to their cart, chances are that they are interested in buying it. And whenever they want to buy something, you can always assume that there are other items on your website that might be interesting to them. So why not try making some recommendations? Not necessarily to every product, and not every visitor, but things that work together, should be bought together, right?

cross sell popup

19. Prevent shopping cart abandonment, a simple popup can do wonders!

We all know that many customers are lost only one step before they checkout. It’s very unpleasant to realize how close to completion the purchase was. But you can also try to do something about it. Offering a shipping discount, or a discount just before your visitors leave your website is a great way to do that. And if you want to take one step further, take a look at our next example. A countdown will always add urgency and act as a secondary motivator.

exit intent popup

20. Help customers complete the look by offering collection-based recommendations

When it comes to fashion, there will always be a difference in taste. Some people like everything to match, while others prefer to live on a more adventurous side. But the items in a collection are always meant to work together. So making a recommendation that is supposed to complete their look, or whatever your customer already decided to buy, is a very effective way to keep their style consistent. But also a great way to increase their average order value. Be sure to include a product image that will convince your site visitors that they need one in every single color!

product recommendation popup

5. Contact us - types of popups

While on your website, visitors often have questions. Be it about your product, service, or other stuff like delivery or return policy. However, many leave because they couldn't find a contact form. It’s the easiest thing in the world to help them, just use a popup form on those pages where you think they could have some questions. Get inspired by some of the best designs below!

21. Visitors frequently have questions about price, ask them to contact you

It might be less relevant if you have a set price for your products, but if you have a subscription-based platform, or the pricing for your services varies, there will likely be questions about it. It is much better to provide a direct form on your pricing page that's intended to help your potential clients clear all the details ASAP.

contact form popup

22. Don't forget about location, make it visible. Use a large font if you need to!

Location is especially important if you are relying on a physical store. You never know when someone might decide to visit you on their way to work, just because you happen to be in the area. In the example below, you can see that the location is clearly established right next to the contact form, so they are already familiar with the proximity of your store.

contact us form widget

23. Sometimes people prefer to call, be sure that you include a phone number

People have different preferences in everything. For some of us, using our phone to actually call someone might not even come to mind, while others might detest writing emails. When it comes to contact information, it is preferable to consider every single one of the possible options and provide them to your clients. You never know when the phone might ring!

collect phone numbers popup

24. It's 2022, don't forget about social media channels to add some contrast!

Social media links are indispensable, and there is a minimal number of businesses that can operate without them. So it would be logical to include them on your website, but including them on your contact form will add another chance of contact, and you never know, maybe someone actually will prefer to write you a Facebook message instead.

social media popup

25. Never discard the high-converting individual approach

Having an individual targeting tactic is always great. That way, you can show your pop-up to whoever needs it most. For example, the pop-up below is clearly stating a direct request for further contact. It would work great as an exit-intent popup on your FAQ page, so you can make sure that whoever was looking for a specific answer, definitely found it.

messenger popup

Final words

I hope that all these examples are a useful starting point, and you've got the inspiration to increase your conversion rates, turn more visitors into contacts, and, consequently, loyal clients.

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