Lead Magnet Examples

Below, we will provide some lead magnet examples that show how effective lead magnets can be. However, before that, we will look at some of the reasons for using lead magnets as part of your overall marketing strategy. We will also examine the attributes that make a high-quality lead magnet.

In modern marketing, the currency that rules the marketplace is attention. Especially for those selling or trying to reach customers online, it is all about cutting through the clutter and getting peoples' attention. While we aren't watching, potential customers are visiting our website and potentially clicking away before we have a chance to show them what our business has to offer.

Marketers also now better understand the idea of nurturing potential customers. Unless you are selling an inexpensive product, or in case you already have an established brand reputation, it will take some time and effort to turn a prospect into a customer. That is the logic behind sales funnels that pull people through different stages with the final goal of making a sale or even creating a long-term customer.

What is a Lead Magnet?

Often the most challenging part of nurturing a customer is the first step. If someone visits your website and then clicks away, you don't get much of a chance to begin a relationship at all. However, if you pay close enough attention to your analytics, you can tell someone visited. You might even know what link referred them to your website, where they are located, and even what type of device they are using. However, you still won't have any way to follow up or get in contact with them. That is unless they decide to hand over their e-mail address, phone number, or other contact information. Still, what would get the average website visitor to willingly give out their e-mail address, or other personal information? The answer to that question is your potential lead magnet.

A lead magnet is any offer you make in exchange for a customer's personal information, like an e-mail address or phone number. The lead magnet is designed to give marketers the first nudge to begin the nurturing process and guide potential customers into their sales funnel.

Lead magnet

What Are the Qualities of a Good Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a great way to draw potential customers into your sales funnel. However, not just anything will work. Especially now that more companies are attempting this strategy, you need to be sure that you are offering something that your typical customer won't want to say no to.

One way to evaluate the quality of your potential lead magnet is to look at it using three questions:

●      Is your lead magnet valuable?

●      Is your lead magnet unique?

●      Can your lead magnet be delivered instantly?

Is Your Lead Magnet Valuable?

Unless your lead magnet has actual or perceived value to your core audience, it isn't really a lead magnet. You are hoping to trade what you have for a person's e-mail address or other contact information. For most people, there is a value associated with that. You will need to consider your potential customers as well as their needs, and invest in creating something that they will appreciate. What that might look like will vary from business to business, but we will cover some examples below.

Lead magnet examples

Is Your Lead Magnet Unique?

You might have an extremely valuable lead magnet that you offer to your potential customers. Still, if it is something they can easily get somewhere else, it may not have the impact you are looking for, or even have the opposite effect. For example, your potential lead may like what you offer but doesn't want to give up their contact information. Will a quick internet search let them find what you are offering as a direct download somewhere else?

Is Your Lead Magnet Instant?

The whole point of creating a lead magnet is to begin a relationship with a potential customer. The easiest way to derail that is to make them wait for the resource you promised. Using Personizely to set up your lead magnets, you can easily integrate the process with your e-mail marketing services like MailChimp, HubSpot, or others to automate the process and ensure your resource is delivered right away. That way, you can start the relationship with your new potential client immediately.

Some Lead Magnet Examples

The best type of lead magnet will vary from business to business. Still, these examples will at least give you an idea about what might work better for you. Just remember, whatever you use, make it valuable, unique, and, if possible, instant.

Free Trials

Free trials are very popular with companies selling software or software as a service (SaaS) subscriptions. The lead magnet can be a downloadable software trial or access to an online service. There might be a limited-time trial offered, or in some cases, a version of the software with limited functionality. You can find this lead magnet at work with companies like Adobe, which offers a trial on their complete Creative Cloud software suite for seven days. Dropbox also offers a free trial to begin a relationship with customers based on storage limits instead of a specific amount of time of free use. The beauty of free trials is that they offer a built-in follow-up campaign. It is perfectly natural to reach out and nurture the relationship by checking on how the trial is going, offering usage tips, and answering questions.

another lead magnet example


Probably the most popular lead magnet example is the discount. It may be a percentage or fixed dollar amount. It can even be the very popular free shipping option. Some might see this as a tool to drive conversions, and it certainly can be. However, even if the potential customer does not use the discount offer, you have still captured their e-mail address, which can be used to strengthen the relationship.

With Personizely, these discount offers can be targeted to specific customers, and delivered either as a popup or embedded on the page. In addition, with Personizely's multiple trigger options, the offer can be presented at just the right moment, whether someone adds something to the cart or begins to navigate away from the page.

Lead magnet conversion


Checklists are another great way to cut through the clutter and convince a potential customer to begin a relationship with you. For example, if you run a search engine optimization (SEO) firm, you might offer a free downloadable checklist of the most common SEO issues to review on a website. This will capture the e-mail address of anyone interested in the topic you specialize in. In addition, if done well, it will show your company as a strong leader and expert in the field. In other words, if the potential customer likes what you offer them for free, they will be more likely to come back to you when they need additional help.



Webinars are powerful lead magnets, mainly because they, by design, give you another chance to interact with your potential customer. Just think seriously about the content. Not many customers will hand over their personal information to attend a webinar if all they will get is a sales pitch. So be sure that you are offering information and knowledge that your lead wants and needs. They will, of course, expect some sort of sales pitch as part of the event. Just make sure that by signing up, they will get more than that.


White Papers and eBooks

A white paper or eBook can be an irresistible lead magnet for the right market sector and customer. For example, suppose you offer a product or service that requires a serious financial investment or long-term commitment. In that case, potential clients may be visiting your website merely to do some initial research. Why not offer them precisely what they are looking for? White papers and eBooks can provide an in-depth look at just about any topic and, when done well, can be highly valuable. Again, like checklists, white papers also give your organization the chance to show itself as a thought leader and a reliable source of information. That itself can go a long way to building a relationship.

ebook lead magnet

Lead Magnet Templates

If you like the idea of adding lead magnets to your website, you may be wondering where to start. Fortunately, there are templates available for free, and there are even more available for a fee. Even business owners with a lot of experience and knowledge to share might not know how to create a high-quality, professional checklist, eBook, white paper, or another type of lead magnet. Fortunately, templates make it easier to get started and often make available enough customization options to create a personalized version for yourself.

Personizely Makes Offering Lead Magnets Easy

Once you have chosen and developed your lead magnet, you can count on Personizely to put that offer in front of your website visitors. But not all lead magnets are a good fit for all potential visitors. For instance, someone who has already purchased your software is not likely to want to sign up for a free trial, and you already have their e-mail address anyway. With Personizely, you can target visitors based on multiple factors like referral source, location, device, cart value, and website activity. While using various copy variations and data placeholders, you can personalize the customer experience to lead the right people to your offer. With Personizely's widgets, you can use that same targeting to have the offer popup or appear on the page for the right person at the right time.

Personizely can help you promote and deliver your lead magnet, whether it's one or several. Take advantage of the free, no-obligation trial today and begin building those relationships with potential customers.