You designed your website to create conversions. You want visitors to make a purchase or move deeper into your sales funnel. You optimize everything on your page for this goal. But, once visitors click away, they may be gone forever. But you have one last chance to convert those visitors to leads or customers. Some marketers are afraid of adding features that may interrupt the visitor experience. However, when someone is ready to leave your site, don't you want to use every last tool you can to try one last time?

Well-designed exit-intent popups are a way to catch the eye of your potential customers before they leave. The use of beautifully designed exit intent popups can keep visitors on your site or convince them to follow your call to action. When someone shows an intent to leave by moving their mouse toward the back button or address bar or hovers toward the new tab or close options, the exit-intent popup appears with your customized call to action.

Not sure where to start? Here are 15 inspiring examples of exit-intent popups to get you inspired to think creatively about how you will catch your potential customers before they are gone forever.

Thinx – Social Proof Exit Intent Popup

This site does a brilliant job of leveraging an exit-intent popup with an invitation to view the social proof. The website's elegant design, photography, and color pallet are beautifully matched, and the call to action is clear. Instead of merely asking for an email address or showing a special offer, this exit intent popup invites visitors to explore reviews from customers before leaving.

Exit Intent Popup

Acquire – Demo Exit Intent Popup

When it looks like someone is ready to leave the Acquire site, they offer a clear, bold invitation to sign up for a demo. This is a move to draw a potential lead into the sales funnel. The exit intent popup asks for quite a bit of information but also offers quite a bit of social proof with clearly displayed logos from major companies that use the product and the firm's high marks from a trusted peer-to-peer review site.

Exit Intent Popups

Toms – Best Mailing List Popup

This site is using an exit-intent popup to build their mailing list and encourage visitors to stick around to make a purchase with a significant discount offer. The bold, black font on a white circle makes the popup truly eye-catching. Also, notice how easy it is to sign up with just the single email field.

Exit Intent Popup Examples

Ice Age Meals – Cart Abandonment Exit Intent Popup

Excellent exit intent popups have a clear goal. Sometimes that goal is based on completing a sale when someone has already placed something in their cart. Cart-abandonment means that someone who was close to making a purchase is clicking away. Exit-intent popups focused on cart abandonment offer a chance to catch these potential customers before they leave and offer them a reason to stay. In this case, a discount is offered in a simple, great-looking popup.

Best exit intent popups

FIO Athletics – Creative Variations Exit Intent Popup

Showing a smart variation on the cart-abandonment focused exit intent popup, this site adds a countdown timer to add some urgency to the offer. Using beautiful photography and brand colors, the popup gives potential customers 15 minutes to get 10% off.

Exit intent popups best practices

Mhot – Classic Exit Intent Popups

A very simple yet eye-catching exit-intent popup on the Mhot site is serving to build an email list. Using a colorful image and a simple font, it offers a discount in exchange for an email address.

Exit popup example

Deep Apparel – Best Practices Holiday Popups

This site uses an exit intent popup beautifully customized for the holiday season and designed to collect email addresses. The images, colors, and font create a sense of excitement with an offer of exclusive deals just for signing up.

Exit pop example

Beauty by Light – Eye-catching Popups

This exit intent popup nearly jumps off the screen when visitors move to leave the site. The bright photo of the model and package are a gorgeous contrast to the pure white background. This popup also takes advantage of a limited time offer, giving visitors the impression that this is a "today only" promotion.

Exit intent

Mission Mercantile – Discount Offer Exit Intent Popup

The beauty of this site's handcrafted products is featured in their exit intent popup. Instead of a discount offer, this merchant is offering a free product, but only if the customer completes a purchase, "now!" To add even more urgency, a countdown timer ticks off exactly how much time is left.

Site exit

Natural Baby Shower – Matching Design Exit Intent

Who can resist a cute baby? Probably not shoppers at this site. Before customers get a chance to click away, they get a chance to see a beautiful baby photo and an opportunity to receive 10% off their first offer in exchange for an email address. Notice the excellent branding execution with the baby blanket matching the brand color.

Creative exit intent popup

Parachute – Beautiful Design Popup

When a site features comfort and style, it is good to see that in their exit-intent popup. Featuring only eleven words, a stunning photo, and a lot of white space, it's a beautiful and simple method of building an email list.

Email popup best practices

Soylent – 3D Exit Intent Popup Design

Through creative use of graphics, this exit intent pop appears to splash right off the page. An exceptionally eye-catching design portrays movement in a static image. It captures visitors' attention before they leave with an offer of 10% off and free shipping in exchange for an email address.

Exit popup personalization

Lack of Color – Minimalist Discount Exit Intent Popups

There is nothing fancy about this exit intent popup, just the brand's friendly font with an offer of 10% off your first purchase. Notice the enticing copy that uses phrases like "VIP mailing list," "first to know," and "exclusive." All of this is available in exchange for an email address.

Social popups with personalization reviews

Comme Toi – Clear Call Exit Intent Popup

Jumping out at visitors just as they move to leave, this exit intent popup uses a burst of color contrasted with a stark black and white call to action. The call is clear as well. All it asks for is an email address in exchange for trend updates and last sales.

Exit intent popup

Planable – Free Content Offer Popup

Visitors to this site can't click away without first seeing an offer for a free eBook in exchange for an email address. This popup is both eye-catching and exceptionally simple.

Exit popup design

Final Words

These are just some examples of what is possible with exit intent popups. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination. Are you interested in increasing your site's conversion rate? Make an effort to capture those visitors before they click away without breaking the visitor experience. You can create your own beautiful eye-catching popups in just a few clicks using Personizely. Start now and begin turning those exits into conversions.