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How IMPERIO Cosmetics Benelux increased their AOV by 57%

IMPERIO Cosmetics Benelux was created by Olaf van Gessel, an internet entrepreneur that wanted to make IMPERIO Cosmetics available within the Benelux area, guided by personal experience with the product. Olaf is also an internet marketing coach for Shopify users, so perk up your ears, because we are all about to get a short masterclass.

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Imperio Cosmetics Netherlands
Imperio Cosmetics Netherlands
IMPERIO Cosmetics Benelux
Premium Hair Products

The specifics of the product and expectations

Olaf started using Personizely in January of 2022, and there is plenty to show for it. For the sake of simplicity, we will look at the results that the published campaigns brought within a 1-year timeframe, with extra attention paid to upsell widgets.

The key point to remember here is that the very vital factor for the products themselves is that some of them need to be used together with others. Buying and using just one product will have an effect, but it will amplify considerably if the consumer uses 2 or 3 products from the entire line as part of a routine.

This will prove itself to be the key to a part of the strategy that was put into place, as well as the approach to communication with customers.

We know that every website is different in its needs, especially if you look at how the product is being marketed in the first place. And Olaf knew from the very beginning what he needed was a tool that will go beyond the ordinary popup. Being accustomed well with apps that are creating a specific funnel for the visitors on other website builders, he wanted to make sure that he will be able to achieve the same sophisticated approach for his Shopify store. And this is where Personizely proved to be the most useful.

In terms of usability, it is important to know not only that you have a wide range of options, but also that you will be able to create anything and everything custom you might need. And Olaf got exactly that: “Things that you want to do differently, stuff that you don't know how to do, or customizations that need to be done.”

So what exactly were the goals?

  • First, increase the conversion rate by 25%
  • Second, increase the AOV by at least 10% through two methods: encouraging visitors to purchase higher quantities (bundles) of the same type of product and persuading them to buy bundles of complementary products.
  • And third, reduce cart abandonment by at least 5%, and find a way to reach visitors before they leave without making a purchase.

The approach and strategy

The main goal for the created widgets was to increase the AOV and the number of items that customers bought, which as already mentioned is important not just for the sales results, but for the benefits customers would experience from the hair products. As they are backed up by real results and an impressive amount of reviews, it would be just a matter of time before first-time buyers come back to the store.

As extremely useful research shows, there is a 27% chance that online shoppers come back to make a second purchase.

For a 2nd or 3rd purchase, however, that percentage grows to 54%. So it is safe to say that after around the 5th purchase, the client can be written into the “loyal” group. Even though getting them there might take a bit of convincing, the same studies show that it is highly effective to make your customers feel like they are cared for.

The only hiccup here was to convince them to buy several different products so that they experience the maximum effect, and consequently, come back sooner and with more conviction. So to get that higher first purchase, Olaf put into place several Upsell popups that proved to be very effective.


Several steps, multiple offers: Upsell Popup (2 steps)

The first upsell popup offers a set of 3 products as well as free delivery and is triggered when one item of the same kind is added to the cart. It also shows how much the customer saves if they decide to take on the offer, and 41% sounds like a very convincing offer to anyone.

Upsell example.png

An important part of the popup is the drop-down menu which allows visitors to instantly choose the right hair color for the product bundle, which does not allow any kind of friction to appear, and accepting the offer will automatically replace the existing item in the cart as well, assuring a smooth process.

Upsell popup.png

If the offer is not accepted there is a second step (Downsell), which offers a 31,5% discount on a smaller bundle of 2 products, and free delivery as well.

Upsell widget.png

As previously mentioned, specific types of products need to be sold in bundles. And it’s good to remember that there must be a certain type of logic behind it. The perfect combinations will have a stronger effect, so the first-time buyer will be happy to get back to the store and try even more products. And this is a perfect example of what Personizely can help you achieve. Whatever your need and the complexity of your flow might be, you will find the right solution.

This particular upsell popup generated the most revenue, with a conversion rate of 23%.

Free shipping bar

Offering free delivery as part of your offer is always a great idea, especially when you want to get the first order. That ensures that, in the case of bundles, the right type and number of items get sold together. However, free delivery can be a great incentive for visitors that already have experience with your product and know exactly what they need. Statistics show that 58% of shoppers are ready to spend extra on another item just to get free delivery. That percentage is even higher for European shoppers, with 69% in 2022.

Olaf has all the delivery fronts covered. The cart progress bar is highlighting visually how much more needs to be bought to get free delivery, making it highly effective for those who want to try it out and those who can suddenly decide to buy in bulk.

Exit-intent vs Cart abandonment

The exit intent popup trigger is known to be one of the most effective ones. This is a great example of how well it works when combined with a countdown timer and a 10% discount offer.


The exit-intent asks visitors for their email addresses, and since it shows up to those who have not added any items to their carts, at least they leave you a way to reach them. So even if they don’t end up buying anything during the first visit, there is still a chance to convince them to buy your product.


The format for the Cart Abandonment popup is almost the same, but with a vital difference. The Cart Abandonment offers the coupon and shows up to those who already have one or multiple items in their cart. And since there is a count-down timer present, there is an added sense of urgency that will help them proceed to checkout.


It makes more sense to ask for the email if the customer does not yet have anything in their cart, and so might not necessarily end up using the coupon. In case of cart abandonment, the chances are much higher for the coupon to end up being used.


Overall, the results were visible within a month of using Personizely, and the further potential for growth is highly scalable.

For every website, conversion is a journey, and there is always space for trial and error. But it is easy to see that Olaf got into a very steady and prolific rhythm when it came to popups.

If we look at the very beginning, the overall conversion for month Nr.1 was below 10.

Starting with month Nr 2, the number of conversions reached 1112, and the monthly average didn’t drop below 800 ever since.

Emails were not really on the agenda when it came to the marketing strategy that was put into place, but even with just one email popup, there is a total of 265 emails, which means 265 potential customers that Olaf can reach by email.

But the most significant growth was in the value of an average order. As we established, the goal was to increase the AOV by at least 10%. We are happy to report that the actual results went far beyond that. If at the beginning of 2022, the AOV was around 26€, by the end of it, it reached a whopping 41€, and it still has a strong potential for further growth.

This shows you how much growth potential an online store has, and as we all know, it's only natural to expect a very profitable return on the investments we make for it. But with Personizely, you can be sure to get it much sooner than you ever expect.

So to recap, from the goals that were set up:

  • From the 6 different upsell popups, the Goal CVR, which is the conversion that counts the number of views that ended up leading to orders, ranges from 20% to 39%.
  • The Average Order Value increased significantly from 26 to 41 €, far beyond the 10% goal.
  • The Cart Abandonment widget had a 24% conversion rate, and 7% of viewers ended up making a purchase.

What have we learned here?

It is more beneficial to look at the long-term investment in your relationship with the customers. And already since the late nineties, studies have shown that the longer their relationship with a seller, the higher the value of their average orders, and it grows with time. Many factors can help you reach your goals when it comes to the Conversion and AOV of your store, and it, first of all, starts with your product. It’s great when your marketing campaigns get you new clicks and sales, but to ensure your long-term profits, start investing in loyal relationships with your customers. Also, it always helps to show more of your product. What it can do, how to use it, and all the in-depth knowledge that you already have can do wonders for your sales if you share it the right way.

From Olaf: “Luckily, I found Personizely. Because after using Personizely I have seen a large uplift when it comes to the average order value. This is also very important because it makes advertising much more interesting and profitable, as you can recoup your investment much sooner than without upsells and cross-sells.”

There are many exciting ways in which you can at the same time help your visitors, get them the best deals, and help your sales grow exactly the way you want. You can adapt the strategies we mentioned for your products, by taking a closer look at what your goals are, and what would be the logical way to present them. What can be sold in bulk? Which combinations of items can be sold together? When is the best time to make your offer? Where might your customers get stuck? Where can you offer free delivery? Make sure to cover all the possible questions, to ensure the best results.

You can also take a closer look at how Olaf uses Personizely on his website. Or go ahead and reach out to him in case you want to learn more about Shopify marketing, he’ll be more than happy to help!