Website widgets are an extremely important part of your marketing strategy and when utilized correctly can enhance your marketing performance. There are a variety of website widgets available and the good news is that you do not have to pick just one. In fact, you can use several, since they all work differently and affect different marketing metrics. Let's take a look at 9 website widgets that are sure to improve your marketing performance!

1. Grow Your Email List

Emails should still be an important part of your marketing strategy. They are a great way to send promotions, announce new products, or send out newsletters. Embedding an email widget on your site allows visitors to sign up to receive this information. You can embed it anywhere you would like on your website. It could be on a sidebar, in the footer. You can even embed this widget as a pop-up on the screen that prompts visitors to enter their email in order to receive exclusive promotions and discounts. This collection of data allows you to build an email database that you can use to send out information.

Email popup

2. Build a List of Messenger Subscribers

Did you know that over 1 billion people use Facebook Messenger each day? This is an often-overlooked marketing avenue that every business should be capitalizing on. The use of a messenger subscription widget allows you to reach this audience by selling products, building relationships, and booking appointments. A messenger widget can also capture and store user contact information which gives you the ability to nurture leads.

Build messenger list

3. Convert Your Visitors into Social Media Followers

Social media has become extremely important in every company's marketing strategy. The use of a social media widget can help improve your social media marketing strategy exponentially. The purpose of the widget is to convert visitors on your website to social media followers and hopefully consumers. The widget tells visitors that you are on X, Y, and Z social media and offers direct access to these pages from your website. A direct link makes visitors more likely to click on your social media sites instead of having to open a new window and search for your business's name. The most common places to embed these widgets are in the header, sidebar, or footer. For example, you can use a floating social media widget that will move along with the page as the visitor scrolls up or down. This keeps the opportunity to engage within eyesight at all times.  

Follow us on social media widget

4. Onsite Retargeting. Turn your Traffic into Sales

Onsite retargeting means bringing the content your visitors are looking for closer to them so they do not have to spend time searching for it. By using segmentation tactics and correct triggers, you can promote the right content to the right audience at the right time. For instance, if a visitor on your website has previously viewed a particular sweater, then the ad for that sweater or similar sweaters will pop up on their screen based on their previous behavior. This is also a great widget if you have a new product, a new blog post or an event, such as a sale that you would like to inform visitors of and redirect them there. Retargeting can help you accomplish this.

Onsite retargeting

5. Get Feedback From Your Customers

Feedback widgets give your visitors the opportunity to bring to your attention any issues they've had with your website, such as ordering a product, finding information, or navigating the site. This is great for visitors because they feel like their voice is heard and this is also great for you because you are hearing from your consumers what changes need to be made. There are a variety of ways to incorporate a feedback widget onto your website. Some websites choose to have an entire 'Contact Us' page with a widget embedded that allows visitors to leave their contact information and explain the question or issue at hand. Other websites choose a pop-up widget that pops up on the page and gives visitors the opportunity to leave their thoughts.  

Collect feedback

6. Inform Your Visitors About Your Shipping Rates

Many consumers are turned off when free shipping is not an option. If you offer any type of free shipping, you want to make it known instantly. A free shipping widget works as a bar across the top of either your home page or you can run it across the top of all of your pages. It tells visitors that you offer free shipping or that you offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. It just depends on your settings. You can even customize this widget to recognize the country the visitor is from and personalize the message to reflect that. For instance, "Free shipping on orders over $50 to Australia" or "Free Shipping Anywhere in the United States".

Free Shipping Bar

7. Use Limited Time Offers to Drive Sales

This widget tells visitors that there is a promotion going on. Most websites run this widget as a bar at the top of their website on every page. It typically tells consumers what the promotion is and how long until it ends. This encourages visitors who are thinking about purchasing a product, but not quite ready to pull the trigger to do so, or they might miss out on saving money and end up having to purchase it at full price. For instance, you could give the date that promotion ends or even incorporate a countdown.  

Limited time offer

8. Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

Shopping cart abandonment is when visitors add products to their cart but are not ready to complete the order and leave the store. The most common reasons are the price of the product and shipping cost.

To prevent cart abandonment, you can use the widget with exit-intent technology to make an irresistible offer for visitors who are going to leave your store without a purchase. For instance, you can offer a discount - 10% and free shipping if the cart value is more than $200. You can also use a countdown timer to add the effect of urgency. For example, this offer is only available for the next 15 minutes.

Cart abandonment popup

9. Increase Sales Through Cross-Selling

This widget offers visitors who purchase an item, a complimentary item to go with it. For instance, if someone buys a phone, your cross-sell widget would suggest that they buy a case for this phone as well. This is a great way to increase your sales. For some people, it is more convenient to just go ahead and add the complimentary item to the cart instead of having to purchase it elsewhere. For others, it can be a great trigger for purchases. For example, you can offer a 20% discount for a phone case, if the customer orders both the phone and the case now. The cross-sell widget will definitely help you sell more to customers who are ready to purchase from your store!


Take Your Marketing Performance to the Next Level

Now is the time to take your marketing performance to the next level! Website widgets are the way to do it! They are easy to create and extremely effective at generating new leads, increasing the number of sales, and increasing your overall bottom line. Create your first website widget within minutes using Personizely.