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Publish your Mailchimp popup with Personizely, and enjoy a full list of subscribers.

Publish the most efficient Mailchimp popups and signup forms to your website. Shape your best email marketing strategy with the Personizely integration.

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Build your email list

Target lists for larger impact

Create popups and promotions and connect them to specific lists. The easiest approach to layering and diversifying your marketing strategy.

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Custom Fields

Only the information you need

Never use the presets and have full control of the customization options. Make your life easier by collecting only what you need.

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Data sync

Synch your data both ways

Benefit from a constant and automatic flow of data. Create personalized experiences that will immediately synch.

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Connect with prospects at the perfect moment

Have a popup that perfectly matches your goals. With every single trigger combination available to you, pick the perfect moment to make them subscribe.













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Personalized experience

Know them by name

Collect information that will help you identify your visitors. Make special offers and reward loyal customers, or just say hello!

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List targeting

Make targeting work for you

Get to know your visitors, and create popups that will work on their differences. The most specific approach, for the best conversion.

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The best features for building up your subscriber lists with Mailchimp pop-up forms

Drag & Drop Editor

Discover the most effortless way to build popups. Make them fit your brand - the easy way.

Mobile responsive widgets

The responsiveness that sets the highest standards. Be sure to cover all the screen sizes.

Multi-step forms

Display thank you notes, add coupon codes, or anything else you need with multiple steps.

Control display frequency

Display popups with the highest precision, and never miss a chance to convert.

Variety of templates

Get your hands on the most inspiring layouts that have already proved their efficiency.

Smart targeting

Use targeting to make special offers, showcase products, and attract your perfect customer.

A/B Testing

Make decisions with confidence

A/B testing lets you find the perfect option that will work for your visitors. There is no time for guessing.

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Easily add a Mailchimp popup form to your online store, WordPress blog, or digital portfolio

The benefits of linking your Mailchimp account to Personizely are numerous. It's incredibly easy to establish the connection, after which you can take advantage of all the benefits Personizely offers. Connect your site, Shopify store, WordPress site, or Wix blog, for a workflow that will save you time, and reinforce your branding and overall image. Discover how easy it is to create Mailchimp subscription forms with the Personizely easy-to-use form builder. Any opt-in popup, slider, or banner has the potential to generate your highest conversion, so why not take advantage of it? Make each Mailchimp form or pop-up sign-up fit your aesthetic, and use Mailchimp to its full potential. Easily embed widgets or set triggers to catch your visitors at the perfect time and context, right after visitors open your site or when they are about to leave. Get Mailchimp subscribers that will be happy to receive your newsletter every week, month, or even every day. With custom form fields or a regular signup form, never miss a chance to turn your visitors into subscribers with offers, or a personal message. Don't miss out on the 14-day free trial, to see for yourself how much it can do for your conversion and sales.


Customer stories

Average customer rating

A truly beautiful product, with great UX

I’ve been looking for a tool like Personizely for over a year. It’s the only tool in the space that took the time to build a truly beautiful product, with great UX. And they thought about their customers’ customer as well with widgets being as customisable as possible. Love it!

Miruna Dragomir.jpeg
Planable logo.png
Miruna Dragomir

CMO at Planable

You need a tool like this, that's a fact

Personizely combines the features of website personalization and widgets. This means that you can use the powerful conditioning of the website personalization tools to really target your popups and widgets. As a digital marketer, you need a tool like this, that's a fact.

Andrej Reljič

Digital Marketing Specialist at

Support is top notch

Website Personalization is the future of lead generation and Personizely helps you do it with ease! I've used a few tools to help me get this done, but none as good as this when it comes to features and ease of use. On top of that, the support is TOP NOTCH.

Chris Kyriacou

Founder of EAanalytics

Totally recommend it to any marketer serious about growth

We used Personizely for exit intent pop ups and saw results immediately. Sergiu and his team were very helpful and the platform has some incredible capabilities. Totally recommend it to any marketer serious about growth.

Hamzah Malik

Founder of Regent Branding

The most effective marketing tool

Personizely is the only app we see the results right away. Cost effective, easy to learn with great UX with the best possible support team! Once you set widgets it sets you free and allows you to focus on other important things. Most importantly, it brings growth of sales immediately.

Kim Haelan

Co-Founder at KNOK STORE

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