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How Subminimal generated $83,800 revenue from popups

Subminimal is a company created by Dominic Symons. At the moment they operate and deliver from their two locations in Singapore and California. They design and manufacture the most high-tech devices that have as their goal to enhance the coffee-making process, resulting in the most exquisite tasting cup without leaving the kitchen.


The specifics of the product and expectations

Subminimal offers a range of devices and accessories that are targeted at experienced, as well as beginner coffee drinkers, that want to level in their coffee-making skills. And as one of their goals is to make people feel like they are professional baristas in their own kitchen, they also include special masterclasses for each of their purchased products. One of their very satisfied customers referred to one of their products as “The Tesla Of Foamers” which probably encompasses what they do the best way possible.

Their main goal when starting to use Personizely was simply to find one app that is going to work well and publish popups that would not interfere with the general Shopify structure and coding. At the very beginning of their activity, the many items that were slowly added to the store as different elements provided by different apps distorted the overall experience of the website. The polarising effect can be visible not only on the aesthetic but also on the practical level. Usually, what happens when many different elements from different sources are downloaded and used simultaneously, can affect the speed of the website, and in some cases even conflict with the Shopify theme.

Subminimal started using Personizely in 2020 and has been using it since then without rest. Needless to say, the main goal was achieved in the form of our platform, as it was no longer necessary to install any other apps for the sake of publishing a GDPR complacency form, shipping bar, or another popup. But with that out of the way, let’s take a look at some concrete solutions that enhanced the efficiency of the website.

General goals:

  • Remove any extra widgets for a more coherent and comprehensive user experience
  • Improve conversion by 5-10%
  • Increase AOV by 10%

The approach and strategy

Needless to say, a lot of time and effort goes into developing and designing products such as those offered by Subminimal, so it is not a seasonal turnout that changes from season to season. There is a limited number of products, and repeat customers can come back only to buy the products they didn’t buy the first time around. However, one of the exciting parts of such an operating system is that whenever there is a new product coming out, there is an ensured customer base that will be excited about it. An email list for just that purpose is a must-have, and that can separate the customers that already bought from the store or those that are waiting for a brand new device that will become their first purchase.

With international shipping, it is fair to say that Subminimal has a global reach over those who want to improve their latte art skills and overall coffee experience. This is where geolocation as a targeting option comes in pretty handy. There are many ways to use it with a variety of strategic popups, but having the possibility to create personal notes to clients regarding the different shipping terms is extremely important when there are several warehouses to operate with.

One of the best practices for which Subminimal opted was to create a bundle containing multiple products. That ensures a higher AOV right from the bat and offers good deals and offers on several product purchases. This is one of the most successful techniques for first-time, as well as repeat customers, that in combination with other email collecting popups and bonus offers get the most results.


To create an overall strategy involving widgets, several main points get the most attention on the Subminimal website.

  1. The cart abandonment issues that unfortunately plague every single online store when potential customers leave what they intended to purchase in their carts
  2. The AOV can always be improved no matter the season or business level.
  3. And lastly, there are the holiday sales, that everyone needs to take advantage of, as they can be the most profitable times of the year.

Recover sales

One of the best strategies that always helps with sales, is working on the almost-sales. There are many people that are interested in your product, and even chose something they like, but are still hesitant. Using a simple nudge in this case can prove to be very effective. It provides enough motivation so that the visitor gets interested, and an additional timer works as an extra push to run for the checkout.


Created - July 24th, 2022

Views - 375

Widget CVR (conversion rate) - 88%

Revenue - $2,331.91


Bundle builder

One of the most effective in improving overall sales and average order value is the bundle builder. It is shown to customers when they land on the website and presents the option to select the best products that the store offers. It is a 3-step popup that also offers a discount on one of the other products, but more importantly, helps raise the AOV.


Created - May 6th, 2023

Views - 106,277

Widget CVR (conversion rate) - 15%

Revenue - $78,583.75

Extra Revenue - $37,077.36


Singles day offer

With your promotions, you can be as creative as you want. In this example, Subminimal decided to opt for a promotion celebrating Singles Day. Created in opposition to Valentine’s Day, this is the day when every single person, can celebrate their relationship status. And what better way to mark such a special occasion than to get the best of the best in coffee making?


Created - Nov 14th, 2022 (1-day offer)

Views - 723

Widget CVR (conversion rate) - 21%

Revenue - $2,902.56


What have we learned here?

Overall, we can see here that at whatever stage a store is, or what type and scale of product it sells, there are always several points of focus that can improve profits. Looking ahead of time and setting up widgets that work on cart abandonment, promotions, and cross-sell, as well as temporary promotions that can be activated whenever they are needed.

A website is a constant work in progress, and a web store is an even bigger work in progress. Many details need to be taken into consideration when working on legal matters, the loading speed, design, and usability. Once it is in proper shape, making changes to it can be nerve-racking, especially if you do not have complete control over the many tools you are using for it. That is why Personizely keeps everything in a single place, and companies like Subminimal know and understand the coherence and consistency of the feel and design of the tools they are using. The ability to customize and unify the user experience, and enhance it instead of throwing things into the mix to see what sticks.

To quote Simon, Personizely is “for everyone who cares about the user experience on their website.” And this is if there is a universal operating truth that we can learn here, from building popups to engineering milk foamers, consistency is key.