August 1, 2022

7 Examples of Highly Converting Email Newsletter Sign ups Forms

We live in the digital era and I’m pretty sure you have an email address, and I'm sure you receive daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters to your inbox. Email newsletters are of course a proven way to communicate to your current or potential customers. Having a solid email list allows you to generate traffic and sales even when you don’t invest in other acquisition channels. But building this solid email list might not be that simple, because the classic “Subscribe to our newsletter” form at the bottom of your pages might not have enough reason for your visitors to opt in. You have to be inventive and look for ways of telling visitors that your offer is worthy of their inboxes.

That’s why I decided to share 7 examples that I believe are going to help you engage visitors more effectively and make them convert into contacts and customers at a higher rate.

Let's get it started!

1. Offer something valuable

Yes, we live in a world where nothing is for free — not even the email address. Good news is that your offer doesn’t have to be anything much — just something that your visitors value enough (e.g. a discount, an ebook) to give you something in return, namely their email address or other contact information.


2. Create the feel of exclusivity

“Join the club” or “Special offers for VIP’s”. People like to be a part of something exclusive (which is not available to everybody). It's a good way to build intrigue, interest and make people feel like they're part of a select group experiencing something special.


3. Run contests

If you are an online store owner or marketer, using this tip, you win twice. Firstly, you obtain a lot of newsletter signups because organizing contests or giveaways is a good way of motivating visitors to leave their contact details. Secondly, you create a word of mouth, because people like to tell their family, friends, colleagues about what and where did they win something. If you have a different type of business, you also can use this tip, just offer an Amazon, Starbucks or any relevant gift card.


4. Don’t be intrusive

I think everyone was in a situation when you enter some store and an intrusive retail consultant follows you everywhere while recommending you different products and offers. Usually, at this moment we think "Where's the exit door here?". I remember this situation every time I visit a website and see the "Subscribe to our newsletter" pop-up which overlays the entire page and shows up every time I navigate to a new page.

Below I am going to show - 5 great examples of how to position your newsletter subscription widget and don't seem intrusive.

Example #1: Growbots


If you want to see a perfectly placed newsletter subscription widget, visit Growbots blog.

Example #2: Oberlo


If you visit the Oberlo blog you can see that the newsletter subscription widget is embedded in the header which is a great example of a seamless widget positioning.

Example #3: Bestazy


Few of your readers are going to read your long articles until the end. Yes, it's true. But do not miss the opportunity to offer your readers the possibility to subscribe to your newsletter before they leave the page. To do so you can place the subscription widget just in the middle of an article like for example Bestazy are doing.

Example #4: Producthunt


If you ever visited Product Hunt it’s very likely you noticed the great newsletter subscription widget in the right sidebar (Note: Only visible when not authenticated).

Example #5: AWeber


Another great example can be found on the AWeber blog. These guys position newsletter subscription widget in the footer. This is great because, if the visitor liked the article and read it entirely, there is a high probability that he would eventually subscribe to the newsletter to receive more articles of this kind.

5. Design, design, design your newsletter signups form

I wrote design three times because people often ignore this aspect when creating a newsletter popup, and this is the biggest mistake. I know, sometimes it is complicated to create interesting popups which integrate well with your website's design and don't scare your visitors away. But, if you want to grab the visitor’s attention and encourage them to sign up for newsletter you need to create a beautiful and high engaging pop-up, and visitors should feel that they are “speaking to them”.

Just compare these two pop-ups and you will understand what I mean.


6. Use forms with less fields

Save visitors’ time. Think well what fields should be included in the widget, and which ones aren’t that important. When compiling the list of fields, it is worth keeping in mind that forms containing more than 3 fields lower the conversion by 14-15%.


7. Be original — Be fun

If you think that not enough of your visitors are filling out the newsletter subscription form, don't be afraid to experiment. Use funny messaging and attractive illustrations (for example GIFs). These techniques will help you become closer to you audience.

Answers to these questions will help you simplify this task:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Why are visitors accessing your website every day? What they love the most?
  • What would they like to receive every day/week/month to their inbox from you?
  • Who is their favorite personage, singer, actor, politic or businessman?


Final thoughts

Of course, there are other tips that can encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. But if you are thinking about creating a newsletter subscription widget or you already have an existing one but you want to improve the conversion, these 7 tips will definitely help you.

Which was your favorite tip? Tell us in the comments!


Damian Biricevski

Damian is the guy responsible for marketing at Personizely.

August 1, 20229:50 AM

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