What is personalization in eCommerce? If you do not currently have a personalization strategy for your eCommerce business, you have at least likely heard of the concept and are probably considering an implementation. Even as of 2020, 78% of eCommerce companies were planning to spend more money on eCommerce personalization in the coming months and years. Only 14% reported that they would keep spending at the same level, and only 1% responded that they would be spending less.

Fortunately, once you have a general understanding of personalization, you can implement it into any website, no matter how large or small. And, with the right tools, your customers will have at their disposal a personalized shopping experience in no time.

What Is Personalization In eCommerce – Definition

One way to approach a personalization eCommerce definition is to look at the unique challenges of eCommerce. For example, without certain touches, online shopping can feel like an incredibly impersonal experience. In fact, brick-and-mortar stores are realizing more and more that to compete with online outlets, even they need to focus more on personalized shopping experiences. This means that online retailers will find it even more challenging to create a personalized experience online.

Do consumers really care about eCommerce personalization? Yes, they do. In fact, 71% of consumers report that they feel frustrated by an impersonal shopping experience. That held true whether they were shopping online or in person.

A working definition of eCommerce personalization is β€œthe strategy we adopt to improve the experience of consumers on our eCommerce sites by delivering content that creates a more personalized experience.” This delivery ranges from simply addressing a customer by name to providing targeted, relevant content, making personalized product recommendations, or offering specific offers tailored to the user. This customized content is based on data collected about the user. This data can include referral source, device type, and location for first-time visitors. For customers who spend time on the site, this information can include site activity, cart value, and even order history for returning customers.

What Can Personalized Content Personalization Do for Your Business?

eCommerce personalization can grow your business. It can help turn potential customers into returning ones, increase your conversation rate, increase average purchase totals, and lead to more customer loyalty. Unsurprisingly, these are the things most eCommerce business owners are looking for.

Sure, we can invest in more advertising and external promotion. Still, we will get a much more significant ROI from those advertising dollars if we get customers to make purchases, make larger purchases, and make purchases more often. Personalized commerce is how we make that happen. Consider that 91% of consumers surveyed reported that they are more likely to do business with companies that offer personalized, relevant content, including order and recommendations.

Online Shopping Personalization at Your Fingertips

If you are new to commerce personalization, you may think this type of customized personalization is only for eCommerce giants with seemingly unlimited website development budgets. However, you will find that you can start implementing personalization strategies in minutes and quickly see improvements to your conversion rate and other performance indicators, no matter how large or small your business. So, let's look at some of the ways you can add that personal touch to your eCommerce site.

How to Create a Personalized Shopping Website

With eCommerce personalization, you can dynamically create a personalized shopping website for each customer in real-time. Once you set things up, you can sit back and relax as the right content is delivered to the right customer at the right time automatically. With Personizely, it doesn't take much time to get things going. Thanks to the no-obligation free trial, you can try out some of these options for yourself to see how easy it is to create a custom experience for your site visitors.

Online Shopping Personalization Begins with Targeting

You can learn a lot about potential customers from the very first moment they arrive at your site. Personizely helps you to collect and use that data to create personalized shopping experiences. When someone visits your online store for the first time, you can already determine how they got there. Often, part of growing our business is advertising in different spaces. Maybe you have some Google search ads, some Facebook ads. Perhaps you have some advertising on an additional display network. You may find that you want to deliver different content based on which one of those ads your visitor clicked on to get to your site. Personizely's targeting can make that happen.

Personizely can also detect what device your visitor is using. Are they viewing your site on an iOS device, Android, or a desktop browser? We know that the type of device the shopper is using will impact how they shop, so we made it possible to customize your content around that. And don't worry, no matter the device, all of Personizely's customization options look great on all of them.

You can also create personalized content based on the geographic location of your site visitor with Personizely. If you have a global customer base, there may be times when commerce personalization is in order. For instance, your 4th of July sale may be a big hit in the United States, but you might want to show a different offer to your customers in the UK.

Location Personalization

Custom targeting doesn't end with your visitor's first interaction either. With Personizely, you can target based on what users do on the site. For instance, you can create targeted content to be delivered when someone adds a specific value of products to their cart. Once a visitor becomes a customer, you can even show content based on previous order history. This type of recommendation is where you can make your existing customers feel like you care. When they return for another visit, you can be ready with custom product recommendations and offers created especially for them, based on purchases they have made in the past.

Previous purchase personalization

Personalized Commerce Continues with Multiple Variations

With targeting data in hand, Personizely can begin to use this information to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time. Multiple variations mean that you can design several headings, calls to action, images, and other content based on what you know about the visitor. Let's look at an example based on geographic targeting again. Thanks to Personizely, you can find out where in the world your customer is visiting from. For this example, let's say that you sell sportswear. You might want a large banner featuring your latest swimsuits as the summer season begins in the US. However, your Australian customers might not be so interested as they are entering into their winter season. Instead, they may be more interested in hats and gloves.

Weather Personalization

Make Things Even More Personal with Placeholders

Even when you deliver the same primary content to all your visitors, you can still add a personal touch with placeholders. Personizely allows you to create placeholders into which it can automatically place visitor data. That means you can welcome people by their name or even mention the country they are visiting from in your copy.

Name personalization

See the Difference Personalized Commerce Can Make

When done correctly, eCommerce personalization will lead to a more satisfying customer experience, and consequently, more sales. Still, how will you know if it is working, and how will you know the impact of the different personalization options you add? Personizely makes that easy as well. You get access to extensive ROI and analytics data. You can track views, clicks, and conversions for each campaign you set up. You can even follow precisely how much money each personalization campaign helped you earn. No more wondering if changes are making a difference. Figure out what works and look for more ways to implement that part of your personalization strategy.

Personizely's Editor Makes Personalization Easy

You shouldn't be intimidated by the powerful personalization options Personizely offers. You don't need any knowledge of coding or previous experience with personalization to get started. The intuitive editor makes it easy to add text, edit images, and other media, and insert placeholders wherever you need them. And if you do happen to have some website development experience, you can even edit the HTML code directly in the inspector.

See Personalization in Action

Whenever you are ready to see your website with built-in, automated personalization, know that it will only take minutes to get things rolling with Personizely. It's always better to test the waters first before diving in, and it's what you can do with our free trial. Check out all of the features the platform has to offer, and it won't take long before you see improved ROI, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction.

Personizely integrates seamlessly with the eCommerce platforms you already use. Put it to work on your Shopify or WooCommerce site or connect it Klaviyo to grow your email list. Personalization in eCommerce is just a few steps away. Your customers will notice the personal treatment, and your bottom line will welcome the increased revenue.