Valentine's Day Digital Marketing

It seems like Valentine's Day used to be a lot simpler, with most people reaching for cards, flowers, and candy to give to their romantic partners. However, things have changed quite a bit over the years. Just like everything else, gift-giving has evolved and become far from simple. Recipients have also moved beyond just romantic partners with people using Valentine's Day to celebrate other loved ones like family, friends, and even pets. And with the constantly expanding group of recipients, purchases have gone beyond cards, flowers, and candy.

It's an excellent moment for eCommerce sellers of all kinds to step up their Valentine's Day digital marketing game. It is a huge opportunity. In 2021, American consumers spent around $22 billion on Valentine's day gifts. That was actually a decrease from an unusual high of over $27 billion in 2020.

So how can your eCommerce business get ready for the next Valentine's Day with digital marketing that will bring in new customers?

Creative Valentine's Day Marketing

To really make the most of Valentine's Day, you are going to have to get creative. If you have the type of store with traditional Valentine's Day gifts, that creativity will be about standing out from the crowd. However, suppose your store features products that are less traditional in terms of Valentine's gifts. In that case, you will need the creativity to catch peoples' attention and showcase your products as being an appropriate alternative. Here are some ways you can get creative and bring in even more customers around the February holiday.


Remember It is More Than Romance

Be careful not to limit your thinking to traditional romantic gift giving. As mentioned, people use Valentine's Day to celebrate friendships and other relationships. Do you offer a product or service that can play that role? Then, be sure to market it as the perfect gift for the day, front and center.

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Don't Forget Pets

People love their pets, and Valentine's Day is becoming a more and more popular day to express that love. So, if you offer pet products or services, don't forget to get in on the action. It might even be an excellent time to add some inventory that will appeal to your customers' desire to recognize their pets.


Consider Limited Editions

If you really want to create Valentine's Day buzz, consider adding some products or editions of products that are only available at that time of the year. It could be a difference in colors, designs, flavors, or something else that sets it apart. It will allow shoppers to gift someone an extra special version of something they already love.


Don't Forget About the People Who Don't Love Valentine's Day

Not everyone loves Valentine's Day. That doesn't mean you can't capture their attention with something designed especially for them. Gag gifts, novelty t-shirts, snacks, beverages, and other items, marketed correctly can be a perfect gift for people who would rather not partake in a traditional celebration of the day.

Valentine's Day Email Marketing Ideas

Email marketing is a critical part of Valentine's Day strategy. Unlike big shopping days like Black Friday, not everyone is actively looking for gifts for Valentine's Day. Email can be an effective, creative way to remind people about the upcoming day and catch their attention. Whether or not they were thinking of buying anything this year, your email pitch may be the best chance to get them to your online store.

Use Your Email Marketing for Suggestions

"I wonder what I should get my loved one for Valentine’s Day?" That is a pretty common question that often leaves shoppers stuck. Why not help? Consider sending out a Valentine's Day gift guide to your email list. Curate your best products into a list and consider segmenting them by the various types of gift-givers and recipients. You can feature romantic gifts for men, women, friends, family, co-workers, and even as mentioned, pets.

Help with the Rest of the Day

Especially for romantic partners, the gift may be only one part of the days' celebration. What about helping to plan the rest of the day? Some general tips and guidance to make the most of the day will go a long way in building trust and confidence with your customers.

Trade for Stories

Since email marketing can commence in advance of Valentine's Day, consider using your early messages to seek out great Valentine’s Day stories. It is a great way to interact with customers, who can provide you with great content for future emails, as well as excellent material for your website. People like sharing their stories anyway but consider offering some incentives. Prizes for the best stories, a chance to win a gift card, or a discount just for submitting will encourage more people to participate.

Offer Help at the Last Minute

As with all holidays, there will always be some people running a bit behind. Your email marketing can help out in several ways. First, it can remind customers that the big day is coming up. Second, it can provide information on product availability and shipping speed so people will know the deadline to order. Finally, as things get closer and closer, your emails can show options for last minutes gifts.

Give People a Chance to Celebrate Themselves

Not everyone needs a gift for a romantic partner. Some people are not even in the market for something for friends, co-workers, family, or even pets. However, they might respond to an offer to "treat yourself." Consider using part of your email marketing to reach out to those who might want to purchase something for themselves this year.

Tell Your Customers You Care About Them Too!

Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity to do more than go for a quick sale. Modern marketing is about building relationships. One way to do that is simply to take a moment to appreciate your customers and anyone who has taken the time to sign up for your email. That appreciation can come through words and images or even include a special gift or discount in celebration of the special day.

Reward Customers

Make Sure You Have as Many Customer Emails as Possible

None of these email marketing ideas will be effective if you don't have a robust list of customer and potential customer email addresses. You can rely on Personizely to make quick work of designing suitable opt-in forms and putting them in front of site visitors at precisely the right moment.

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Valentine's Day Marketing Campaign

Email is only one small part of your overall Valentine's Day marketing campaign. Everything you do through your email marketing needs to be reflected on your website. If not, any click-throughs to your store from your email may end up with nothing to show for them. It is up to you how much you want the look and feel of your website to reflect your Valentine's Day marketing campaign. However, you don't have to change the entire website.

Using Personizely, you can use advanced targeting to ensure email recipients are served up content that matches the content and style of the email message. You can easily set up targets based on the link your visitor used to get to your site. Then, you can serve those customers one of the multiple variations of your content that matches the email that got them there. That could be ensuring that they immediately see the offer they clicked on in the email or just that colors and styles match. This way you can be sure to make each customer experience personal, resulting in a happy customer.

Valentine's Day Marketing Tactics

Once you have decided on your approach to Valentine's Day and set up your Valentine's Day email marketing and overall marketing campaign, it is time to get down to details. This is the right time to decide if you will make any site-wide changes to give your whole store a Valentine's Day feel or only focus on certain pages and products.

For any campaign, targeted widgets and website personalization may be critical for connecting your emails to your site and serving up the best possible content to each customer. Personalization is one of the most powerful tools in any eCommerce toolkit. With just a few adjustments, you can see an improved customer experience, more engagement, and finally, better conversion rates and increased sales.

There are many different ways to approach Valentine's Day marketing, and the main goal is finding what works for you specifically. Here you have the chance to ensure that you are delivering the right approach to the right customer. With Personizely, you can customize content based on a referral link, geographic location, device, site activity, purchase history, shopping cart value, and more. From there, you can set up content variations so your customers will see the best option that will fit their needs.

Recommendations, especially during holidays, are also a great way to increase your average order value and help out your clients all at the same time. Personizely can use all the available data collected, whether it's their first visit or not, and create targets as broad or as specific as you need. It can include only people coming from specific geographic locations or a combination of several targets at once, including their purchasing and viewing history.

Now is the time to get started. Check out Personizely's free trial and see how quickly you can enhance your entire website experience. Especially around holidays and events, personalization can make a huge difference. With just a few clicks, you can get your website ready for Valentine's Day and any other holiday.