Gone are the days when retailers counted on salespeople to help convert potential customers into paying customers. The best-trained associates could learn a lot about a customer in a quick conversation and use time-tested techniques to help them overcome any barrier to their purchase. When they couldn't convert a customer, they often gained knowledge that helped them become more successful in the future. In the new world of eCommerce, converting customers is still a central task. However, now we need to count on the right technology to do that work for us.

Conversion rate may be one of the most critical performance indicators of any eCommerce business. We spend a lot of time, money, and effort obtaining new customers. If we can't help them over the finish line to become buyers, we may never recoup any of our investment in leading them to our store. By improving conversion, we can get even more revenue from each dollar we spend on acquiring customers. That is good for business. One of the biggest keys to improving our eCommerce store's conversion rate is personalization.

What is eCommerce Personalization?

If you are reading this, you are probably familiar with eCommerce personalization. However, it is worth clarifying our definition before diving into how it can impact conversion rate. eCommerce personalization is a strategy used to make the consumer's buying experience more personal. It has become critical in eCommerce since online platforms can lack the personal touches that can draw people to brick-and-mortar stores. It can be as simple as customizing a page with a visitor's name to as complex as creating custom pages based on a large data set of the customer preferences.

Personalization is the Key to eCommerce Optimization

Of all the ways you can optimize your eCommerce site to boost conversions, personalization is the route with the most potential to increase your return on investment. But where should you focus your personalization efforts? While every customer contact provides the potential for a more personalized experience, it may be helpful to look at ways to personalize content to two different but equally important groups: new customers and returning customers.

Increase Conversion Rate: eCommerce Personalization for New Customers

In the brick-and-mortar world, we don't know much about new customers when they walk through our doors. eCommerce customers, however, often come with a lot of data we can leverage to make them feel welcome and increase the chances of them making a purchase. For example, we can tell how they got to our store, whether they clicked on an advertisement, found us on Google, or were referred from another website. We also have information about their geographic location and the device they are using. We can use this information to personalize content from their very first visit. With Personizely, you can personalize multiple elements based on everything we know about our website visitors.

eCommerce Optimization through Personalization for Returning Customers

Returning customers are one of the most valuable sources of revenue for eCommerce shops. In addition to the data we can capture from new and potential customers, we can also add personal touches based on what we know from our previous experience with returning clients. With Personizely, you can create a custom experience for returning customers based on buying history and their other actions on the site.

Ecommerce Conversion Optimization: Ideas for Personalization

As long as we remember the point of personalization – to create a customer experience that will increase conversion rates, sales, and profits – our imagination is the only limit to ways we can use technology like Personizely to make it happen. Below are some ideas to get you started. Once you do, you will likely find even more ways to make your customers feel welcome and acknowledged.

Make Customers Feel Welcome, No Matter Their Device

With Personizely, you can greet each customer with a dynamic page based on their device. Most websites now are dynamic and work well on mobile, but personalization can take that to a new level. With personalization, the page your customer sees can be based on whether they are on a computer, iPhone, or Android. That means more than just making sure the content looks great. It also means you can customize featured products and recommendations based on how they are viewing. As an example, if your eCommerce store sells phone cases, you could be sure you show iPhone users iPhone cases while Android users see accessories for their devices.

Personalize by Customer Location

eCommerce has created a global marketplace. Yet, you may not want to feature the same products and promotions to everyone. You might want to run a big 4th of July sale for your American customers but not for those shopping from other countries that don't celebrate that holiday. With Personizely, you can create multiple variations and serve them up to customers by region automatically.

Location Personalization

Customize Your Customer Experience Based on Previous Purchases

Things can get even more personal for returning customers since you already know a little more about them, including their purchase history. Increase your conversion rate with eCommerce personalization based on what customers have already purchased. This customization could be as simple as showing similar products or products from the same brand they have purchased in the past. Product recommendations are one of the best ways to make customers feel that personal touch which can make a big difference in conversion rates.

Previous purchase personalization

eCommerce Customization Based on Ads

If you are spending money on PPC (pay per click) ads, getting the most out of your investment is critical. With Personizely customization, you can make sure incoming customers see content based on the ad they clicked on. If you are running ads to promote your latest product, you will want to be sure that when people click, the first thing they see is that product. Meanwhile, customers coming from somewhere else or returning customers might see something more relevant featured.

Make It Personal Based on Time

In a global marketplace, one person's lunch break is another person's late-night shopping. So why not personalize your customer's experience based on the time of day. Changes in colors, images, and product recommendations can be customized to match your customer's context and help them to finish their purchase during their visit.

Create Personal Promotions

Based on what you know about a potential customer, you may want to offer them something special to turn their visit into a sale. With personalization, you can target specific customers based on multiple criteria and offer them a promotional offer. You can even link it to a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency that may turn into a conversion.

Personalize Based on Current Visit

Some of the most valuable customers are those who already have items in the cart. This is where conversion rate is critical. On the one hand, an abandoned cart can keep you from making the sale. On the other hand, upselling and cross-selling can actually impact conversion rates.

Sometimes that personal touch of recommending the right accessory or a complimentary item pushes the customer to check out. Other times, telling the customer how much more they need to spend to unlock free shipping or another bonus is exactly what gets them to complete their purchase. In addition, this can increase the amount of each sale and lead to a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Free shipping

Just Say Hi!

Once you have a customer's basic information, one of the easiest things you can do is just say hello. This greeting has been an essential part of in-person sales for as long as any of us can remember. A personalized greeting featuring a customer's name makes them feel welcome and special. That alone can increase your chance of converting their visit into a sale.

Add Personal Touches Everywhere for eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Even the smallest personal touches can make a difference that your customers will notice. With Personizely, you add personalization to nearly every aspect of your website. Not only can that make your customers feel special, but it also gives you a chance to create a pathway to move them toward your conversion goals. You can include personalization in headers, calls to action, images, product suggestions, and more. Each little touch can make the difference that turns shoppers into buyers.

Get Started Today

eCommerce conversion rate optimization offers some of the greatest return on investment that you can find. There is no doubt that personalization is key to making the most out of every dollar you spend bringing customers to your site. However, to do it right, you need a partner that can provide all the tools you need to personalize every aspect of your store.

With Personizely, you have access to the most efficient features that will help you not only increase your sales but create a connection with your customers. Adding personalized elements and advanced targeting to your pages will reassure your clients that your store is the right place for them, keeping in mind that there can be as many variations of the same page as you want. And keeping track of the analytics will make it much easier to finetune your strategy to perfection.

It's easy to give Personizely a try. Just sign up for a free, no-obligation trial, and see how simple it is to create a tailored experience for your customers and increase your conversion rate.