Everybody knows the famous lines in front of Apple retail stores around the world. But what about their online store? According to Similarweb, Apple online store has 500 million monthly visitors. Not bad for a company valued at over $1 trillion. But getting traffic is just one step, the next step is converting this traffic into sales, and Apple knows very well how to do this.

I’ll share a few tips on how to grow your online sales inspired by a few conversion optimization techniques from Apple's online store.

Let's get it started!

1. Holiday sales

Holidays are the time when people want to please their loved ones with gifts. Why not use this to increase your sales? You don’t have to wait a whole year for the Black Friday, Christmas or New Year to run holiday sales. For example, if you sell in the US you can check the holiday calendar and choose the holidays that fit your store’s audience best.

Don’t forget about the free shipping, free returns, and applicant tracking system. These are perfect for the holiday season because people are buying impulsively and they definitely have that little bit of extra cash saved for occasions like that, they’re in the buying spirit, so don’t leave any sort of obstacles in their way to make a purchase.

Apple never misses a chance to promote their products during holidays, having various offers for the festive periods, like free delivery and returns in the example below.

holiday sales

2. Upsell

Focus on increasing your average order value. Start upselling your prospective customers to get more, in other words, trying to sell a more expensive item or upgrading it through add-ons.

For example, before you buy an iPhone, Apple will try to sell it at a higher price. Firstly, they will offer you to choose the model with a different display size (models with bigger display size are more expensive) and secondly, they will offer you to choose the capacity, which also varies in price.



3. Cross-sell

Cross-selling is another great way to increase your average order value and promote additional items which the potential customers should add to their carts. But keep in mind, your offers need to be relevant, be smart about it like Apple is. Firstly, offer additional services and extended support. Secondly, offer accessories to the primary item, not some random stuff. Thirdly, offer cross-sells in many different places. This way you will not only grow your average order value, but you will also increase your profit margins as both accessories and additional services tend to have higher profit margins.

Below you can see how Apple use cross-sells in multiple steps.

Cross sell

Cross sell

4. Checkout as guest

Don’t force your potential customers to register upfront. Let them place an order and offer to create an account later in the checkout process when their level of engagement is higher.

Checkout as guest

Additional tip: It’s wise to collect their email address right before visitors click „Continue as guest” button so if they abandon the checkout, later on, you could still recover them via email.

5. Delivery

Everybody loves fast delivery. But even more, customers love it when it’s FREE. However, sometimes customers need or want your product much quicker, so give them this possibility, as Apple does.

Free Shipping

6. Product recovery

It’s very easy to remove something from the cart by mistake. But it’s usually a lot more difficult to get it back. But here, Apple does a great job enabling customers to bring back the item that they’ve just removed. You don’t want your prospective customers to go back wandering around your online store looking for what they’ve just removed. Let them bring it back to the cart easily.

Product recovery

7. Checkout form

Checkout forms are where visitors stumble a lot. If you wondered how to create a nice form then Apple provides you with a great example. The form is nice, clean and what is more important ─ all fields are in one column ─ a superb solution especially for mobile devices. The validation that shows mistakes is contextual and explicit. Plus, when you click the continue button at the bottom of the page but you have forgotten to fill a field, you will be navigated to it smoothly.

Checkout form

Final words

These were 7 tips from the Apple Online Store that will definitely help you to boost your sales. No matter how much traffic you get, use it efficiently. Implementing one of these strategies or even every one of them you'll notice a drastic increase in your traffic efficiency.

Please write in the comments which tips you liked most!