Is online shopping cart abandonment an issue for your eCommerce store? If not, congratulations! For everyone else, you are probably looking for ways to increase conversion rates by getting shoppers to complete those transactions. There are a lot of statistics on how much money is lost due to online shopping cart abandonment. However, it may be helpful to do your own math. One study showed that close to 70% of shopping carts are abandoned. For a moment, think about your average sale. How much more money would you be bringing in if, instead of 30 percent of customers completing their order, that number was 40, 50, 60 percent, or higher? This is why focusing on shopping cart abandonment is so critical and why Personizely is ready to help.

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

In the simplest terms, shopping cart abandonment happens when someone puts one or more items in their digital shopping cart and then leaves the site before finalizing the purchase. Imagine you are in a grocery store and just about finished with your weekly shopping trip when you decide to leave your cart behind and go home.

Certainly, people may pick out something at a brick-and-mortar store and then opt to put it back and leave. That is a much harder statistic to track. However, with eCommerce, it is easy to follow, and the numbers aren't good. What is causing these people to leave without purchasing? And most importantly, what can we do to increase the number of those shopping carts that turn into completed orders?

What Leads to Online Cart Abandonment

Before we can dig into tips on keeping people from clicking away from their carts, it is helpful to focus on some of the factors that may lead to online cart abandonment. Some are simple to deal with, and others are a little more complicated. For instance, if people click away because the checkout process is too complex, that may be an easy fix. On the other hand, if you are getting a lot of traffic from people who are just browsing or beginning some initial research, getting them to complete their purchase may take a bit more effort. However, just because it is complicated doesn't mean you can't do it.

Tips for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment Online

As we take a more in-depth look at what leads to shopping cart abandonment, we will also share a couple of tips you can use to fix some blind spots you might have in your eCommerce store. Most of these tips will be fast and easy to implement using Personizely's widgets and personalization tools.

Here are some of the factors that lead to online shopping cart abandonment and some tips for improving your results:

Reason 1: Additional Costs – Over half of customers who abandon their carts, when surveyed, said that the reason was that the extra costs were too high. While some stores may have some other additional charges, shipping is the most significant cost that turns consumers away. While offering free shipping with every purchase would quickly solve this problem, that is not practical for most online sellers. It also may hurt sales overall since free shipping is often used as an incentive to reach a certain purchase amount.

Solution: Be Upfront – The best way to keep people from abandoning their eCommerce shopping carts before checkout is to be upfront with shipping costs. Also, if you do offer free shipping once the customer reaches a certain cart threshold, make sure they can see how far they have to go. With Personizely's cart progress widgets, your customers can track how much they need to add to get that free shipping that will incentivize them to complete their purchase.

cart abandonment

Reason 2: Account Creation – Some customers are ready to buy but then get hesitant when they see they need to create an account to check out. While you would still need to collect much of the account information for payment and shipping, something about this step creates friction and drives people away. Account signup is indeed helpful for eCommerce sellers since it allows for additional personalization and follow-up later. Still, we don’t want it to get in the way of a completed sale.

Solution: Add Guest Checkout – It is possible to reduce the friction of checkout and still get customers to set up accounts. While allowing people to check out as guests, you can still get them through the account creation step. Just save it for later. After their purchase is complete and all their information is entered, signing up for an account can be a much simpler process. Some eCommerce sites have it down to simply creating a password to link the customer's email, shipping address, and other information to their new account.

cart abandonment example

Reason 3: Long Checkout Process – Consumers are getting used to fast and easy checkout. If the process takes too long, they are likely to abandon their cart, meaning you miss out on another sale. Many checkout processes are too long and request too much information. It may just be a matter of process-creep. Over time, helpful elements get added to the flow of checkout. After a while, they add up to something unruly.

Solution: Complete a Checkout Audit – Go through your checkout process to see how it flows. Compare it to some other online stores that you know make it easy to check out. Then, simplify yours as necessary. You may also want to add some things to your site to help customers along and keep them moving. With Personizely's multiple trigger and multi-step widgets, you can provide pop-ups and widgets, you can give help, encouragement, and even discounts and rewards to help complete the sale. In addition, you can control what each customer sees based on where they are in the shopping process and several other metrics.

Reason 4: Not Mobile Friendly – Everybody knows that you need a mobile-friendly site to be competitive in today's eCommerce marketplace. However, just because our site is mobile-friendly, it doesn't mean the checkout process is all it can be. Sometimes a checkout process that works great on a laptop or tablet is difficult to maneuver on a smartphone. As a result, it becomes easy for a customer, even one with a clear intent to purchase, to get frustrated and give up.

Solution: Review Your Checkout Process on a Mobile Device – You should review it on multiple devices since results differ depending on the size and operating system of the phone. Look for things that are hard to read and fields that are difficult to complete. To make things even easier, be sure to use Personizely.

Since all of Personizely's widgets are mobile responsive, you know they will look and work great on any type of screen. Also, since you can program triggers and personalization based on device, you can deliver custom content that will look and work best no matter which one your customers are using to shop.

Additional Tips to Avoid Online Shopping Cart Abandonment

There is no way to control every aspect of a customer's journey. For instance, sometimes people just change their minds or get distracted. Still, with Personizely, you can add several features to your website that will offer additional help in getting people to finalize their purchase.

Add to Cart: Sometimes, the best time to help a customer move toward a purchase is the moment when they add something to their cart. With Personizely, you can add a widget to send a special message at just the right moment.

Exit Intent Widgets: If you know that a customer is ready to click away from your site, why not give them a reason to stay? With Personizely's exit intent widgets, you have a chance to show your potential customers a reason to stay.

shopping cart abandonment

Shopping Cart Abandonment Widget: If you have done everything you can to reduce any friction in the buying process, yet a customer is about to leave with something in their cart, you can use a Personizely widget to offer a discount, free shipping, or a gift if they go back and complete the purchase.

online cart abandonment

Next Steps in reducing cart abandonment

Even a tiny improvement in your eCommerce shopping cart abandonment rate can mean a significant increase in sales and profits. If you can just get a slightly higher percentage of customers to complete their orders, you will see strong gains in sales, revenue, and profits. Get some help getting started with Personizely. Think through all the ways you can reduce friction in the checkout process, then count on Personizely's wide variety of easy-to-use widgets and personalization tools to make it happen. They can help you improve your customer experience and get more people to finish their purchases.

Try Personizely today. Sign up for a free, no credit card required, and see how easy the drag and drop builder makes it create beautiful effective widgets and how straightforward it makes it personalize your site. Start today and see how much you can lower your cart abandonment rate.