If you run an online business, the questions that likely drive it are about conversion rate improvement in eCommerce.

There certainly are far more interesting things to think about in the world of online sales, but with every change we consider for our website, we should consider how they improve our conversion rate.

Why is it so important? Think of everything else you do for your business. You find the right products, set the correct price, pay for the right ads, optimize for search engines. Still, none of it will do you much good if you can't get leads to follow through with their purchase.

From a more positive angle, all the other work you do will be amplified by an improved conversion rate. The higher rate, the more likely it is that each visitor to the site will buy something. Just one percentage point improvement can make a dramatic difference in your business's bottom line.

How To Improve Lead Conversion Rate

Every person who visits your website is a lead. That person may click away quickly, spend some time browsing and then leave, or even add one or more items to their cart. However, until they complete the purchase, they will remain a lead. We want to do everything we can to convert them into a customer. In our search to understand how to improve lead conversion rate, we will find that there are many steps we can take. Any one of these approaches may have a significant impact on your conversion rate stats. If you work through all of them, you may see some significant improvement.

How To Improve Conversion Rate: Improve Page Load Times  

Our first approach to the question of how to improve conversion rate in eCommerce is technical and behind the scenes. Consider this: with a page load time increase from 1 second to 3 seconds, the bounce probability of any visitor increases by as much as 32%. That is a lot of potential business lost in just a couple of seconds. If your page loads slowly, find out why. It could be that you need to optimize your images, eliminate some features, or talk to your hosting provider.

Improve eCommerce Conversion Rates by Improving CTA Copy

It may seem obvious, but when was the last time you analyzed your calls to action (CTAs)? Whether the CTA is in a pop-up, in sales copy, or on the checkout page, take another look to ensure it is as effective as possible. Even the most minor change in CTA copy can show immediate improvements in conversion rates.

Call to action

Eliminate Conversion Friction

Is there some aspect of your eCommerce website that is preventing qualified leads from becoming customers? It is possible that there is and that we aren't even aware of it. If you want to know how to improve conversion rate, take a long, careful look at your site's conversion process. Let's say your conversion goal is simply getting visitors to make a purchase. Walk through that process from beginning to end and put yourself in a customer's shoes. Even better, ask or hire someone to navigate your site while you watch so you can see what steps they take and what problems they run into. Friction can come from a complex checkout process, an overall poor layout, technical issues with credit card processing, or many other things that you might not have noticed. Get those things fixed and enjoy the fruits of a higher conversion rate.

How to Improve Conversion Rate: Add Pop-Ups

Pop-up windows and widgets are a highly effective way to improve your eCommerce conversion rate. A pop-up at the right moment can keep a lead from clicking away. Just make sure you are delivering the right one to the right customer at the right moment.

With Personizely, you can ensure you are making the best use of this tool. You can target pop-ups to leads based on their referral source, geographic location, the device they are using, the value of items in their cart, and many more factors. Then, you can use multiple triggers based on time spent on a page, how much a user has scrolled, exit intent, adding an item to the cart, etc.

The critical thing to remember with pop-ups is that they need a clear call to action. For example, if you are offering to email the customer a coupon, make that clear. Also, make it easy. Avoid too many unnecessary form fields. Customers may click away if the process is taking too long. Also, make them look good. An easy-to-use drag and drop builder lets you create great-looking pop-ups in seconds, but make sure that it works with the overall look and feel of your own website and brand.

Conversion popup

Increase Your Conversion Rate Through Personalization

If you want one universal answer to the question of how to improve conversion rate in eCommerce, that would be personalization. According to a survey conducted in late 2020, 63% of marketers said personalization led to higher conversion rates. With Personizely, you can easily create a custom, personalized experience for every lead and every customer. You can easily display multiple variations for your pages targeted to customers based on data that you define.

For returning shoppers, that can mean personalized recommendations.
For the new leads you would like to convert into customers, the personalization can be based on the link they used to come to your website. It could also be based on what device they are using, their geographical location, their weather, and more. You can create placeholders on your pages and deliver customized headers, calls to action, and images. And don't worry, you don't need any coding or web development knowledge to become a personalization expert in a matter of minutes.

Conversion personalization

How To Improve Lead Conversion Rate with Personizely

If you are ready to start seeing improvements in your conversion rates, work with a partner that can give you the tools you need. Whether it is website widgets or site personalization, Personizely has easy-to-use tools that can make drastic improvements. Take advantage of the free, no-obligation trial that will give you full access to all the features with unlimited visitors. See what a difference Personizely can make with your eCommerce website in no time.