With the rate of innovation in digital marketing, some find it surprising to hear how email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach new customers and stay connected to current customers. Because of this, savvy marketers take advantage of any opportunity to collect email addresses. What has changed is the method of collecting those addresses. The use of email popups has been proven to increase the conversion rate of website visitors to email subscribers. However, it is essential to have the right popups. Beautiful, well-designed, eye-catching popups convert visitors into leads without ruining your visitor's experience.

Email popups come in a variety of styles and functionality. Still, they tend to fall into one of four categories based on what triggers the popup: landing, exit, scroll, and element click. Check out some of the best and most beautiful examples from each category and then learn how you can create the same experience and impact by using Personizely.

Email Popup Categories:

Email Popups with Landing Trigger

Timing is everything with email popups. The best way to ensure you don't miss your chance is to have the popup launch as soon as the visitor lands on the site. Beautiful designs and worthwhile calls to action can encourage a visitor to sign up with an email address right away.


Women's sleepwear retailer, Piyama's popup, is as beautiful as the rest of their site and their products. The design is simple, as is the offer. By filling out just two fields, visitors can receive a discount on their first purchase.

Email popup


A simple email popup greets visitors on landing and perfectly matches Moxie's color scheme. This single field popup also has language that matches the brand's casual style.

Email popup on Moxie store


Clothing retailer Gravitas showcases some of their classic looks in an engaging photo on their email-pop, which shows up immediately upon landing on the page. The copy has wisely added a sense of urgency and convenience, offering 10% automatically at checkout for just filling in one form field.

Newsletter email popup

Pursue Fitness

Pursue Fitness greets visitors with a popup that can't be called unobtrusive. It basically blocks the site and forces the user to do something. However, the offer is so simple and appealing, it is likely easier for most users to simply offer their email address and take the discount than to hit the "x" and dismiss the popup.

Email popup


Print and online tech magazine, Wired goes big and bold. Visitors can't miss nor avoid this email popup, which makes a case for itself with a single field and a promise of insider information.

Email popup

CNC Botanics

Visitors to the website for CNC Botanics are immediately offered a discount and access to exclusive offers. The popup is minimalistic, has only one input field, and perfectly matches the design and color of the website.

Email popup


Clothing designer and retailer Diesel matches their brand's minimalistic, industrial design with a bare-bones black and white popup. Greeting visitors upon landing, it has an email address field and then wisely adds radio buttons for gender to personalize the email experience.

Email popup


Print and online business magazine, Inc. makes excellent use of their trademark black and white combined with a splash of color to draw the visitor's attention. The popup is hard to miss but doesn't get in the way of the experience of the site and grabs visitor attention through a fear of missing out approach.

Email popup


When visiting Asana's blog, a popup greets visitors right away with an opportunity to subscribe. This particular email popup is relatively small and unobtrusive. It is easy to see without being annoying. It gets the job done without ruining the user experience.

Email popup


MailerLite makes a big offer and makes it as soon as a visitor lands. You can't miss this popup as it blocks or greys out the rest of the page until the user responds. It might be considered by some as obtrusive, but it counters by offering something of value in exchange for a name and email address. The choice of the second field for the visitor's name adds a few seconds to the process but allows for better personalization of the email. The "10 chapters in 10 days," offer means that anyone who does sign up will be hearing a lot from the company.

Email popup

Email Popups with Exit Intent Trigger

Some marketers may be nervous about email popups disrupting the visitor experience. If that is a concern, why not have the popup show when visitors are already leaving? If they are about to leave the site, you don't have much to lose and a lot to gain. This exit intent trigger email popup gives you one last chance to get the email address of a visitor who might otherwise never return. This will provide you with the opportunity for a continued relationship and even the opportunity to get them to come back and complete a purchase.


As visitors move their mouse toward the back button, this email popup offers a valuable resource in exchange for an email address. The popup is bright and attention-getting and makes signup easy with a single form field.

Exit Intent


This email popup, triggered when the user moves to exit the page, is regionally personalized and offers a chance to win. By including the visitor's city, the popup has a better chance of getting their attention, and putting a gift card on the line makes this offer even more tempting. Notice the clever opt-out language. Who doesn't want to win a gift card?

Exit Intent

A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand offers an email popup that collects addresses to launch an automated weekly email flow. It is a beautiful and straightforward box that features the included resource popping right out of the top. The box's outer glow in appropriate colors makes this even more eye-catching.

Exit Intent Popup


Feedspot uses a straightforward design to offer multiple options for collecting email addresses. Instead of the typical email address field, Feedspot allows users to sign up using their Google or Facebook accounts. This email popup also uses personalization based on the last item the user was looking at before exiting.

Exit intent pop up


One way to grab the visitor’s attention before exit is to add another dimension to the popup. Salesmate, dims the entire browser window before displaying a popup with a high-contrast white background.

Exit Intent popup


Gong uses an innovative, eye-catching design to make users look twice before hitting that back button. They follow it up with copy that offers to put you in the same league as some of their top clients.

Exit intent email popup

Alex and Nova

Alex and Nova uses both great design and psychology in this email popup. The color scheme is right on brand, and the limited time offer adds some urgency to the mix. The functional countdown timer is a great concept and adds some motion to the box.

Exit Intent


It is hard to miss Copper's email popup. Matching their branding and filling the screen with a slash of color Copper makes an appeal for the visitor's email address in exchange for the latest information.

Exit Intent


Klenty uses a simple yet effective popup to ask visitors for email addresses before they leave. They offer a high-value resource in the form of an eBook full of templates. This is perfect for people who have shown an interest in what this company has to offer. The "Download Now" button moves the focus to getting the resource rather than signing up for anything.

Exit intent email popup


There is nothing too fancy about this popup from Instapage, proving that sometimes simple is best. When the visitors appear to be leaving, they get a chance to connect through a subscription to the blog with one quick form field.

Exit intent popup

Email Popups with Scroll Trigger

The scroll trigger email popup is a minor variation on the landing trigger that only appears when a user has scrolled to a pre-determined depth on the website. The theory behind this trigger is that, instead of making the ask immediately, waiting until the user is showing a deeper level of interest. By the time they have shown enough interest to reach a certain point on the page, it is time to ask for their email.


GetResponse waits until visitors get quite a way down the page before launching an email popup that actually looks more like a chatbox. The box doesn't interfere at all with what the user is viewing. It offers an invitation for more information, in exchange for just a name and email.

Email Pop Up


An attractive scroll-triggered popup with a unique call to action verbiage, aircall invites visitors not just to sign up but to "Claim your competitive edge." This pop up reminds us that with popups, the copy can be the most crucial part.

Email Pop Up


Another example of an email popup that looks like a chatbox. It starts with the question, "Enjoying this article?" That is a safe question to ask with a scroll trigger since the user has already scrolled through a portion of the article. Like some other examples, this popup is also very clear about what the visitor is signing up for by clearly stating that the emails will come once per month.

Email pop up with scroll trigger


Who wants to miss out when 241,000 other users have already signed up? This subtle, non-obtrusive popup plays on our fear of missing out. Notice how it is unobtrusive but blocks just enough of the article to make sure the reader notices.

Email pop up


With a scroll trigger popup, it is important to find the right moment in the user’s trip down the page. Pipedrive.com doesn’t wait long. As soon as the visitor scrolls down far enough to see the body of the article, they are greeted with an opportunity to become part of the larger community.

Email Pop Up


Sometimes bigger is better. Nutshell attempts to catch visitors before they exit with a dimmed browser window and a huge email popup that takes up most of the window. Instead of packing that area with a lot of text, the invitation in minimal and simple.

Email Pop Up


Vainu uses a unique two-part email popup to collect addresses. The first click is simply a "download the eBook" button. The address collection does not even happen until after the button is clicked. The second part of the popup explains the free resource even further and then makes the ask for the address.

Email Pop Up


Sometimes simple is best. This scroll-triggered email popup from Polymail makes a no-nonsense ask using a small, clean box that doesn't interfere at all with the user experience.



Great design can be the key to success with email popups. This example from leadfeeder uses beautiful design to invite users to sign up for a free eBook. Another interesting point to notice is that the popup itself does not ask for an email address but instead takes the visitor to another webpage that requests more information.

Email Pop Up


Demio has a rather bold popup that shows up as users scroll down the page. It is impossible to miss and actually gets in the way of the article. However, it offers a valuable resource and, at first, doesn't appear to require anything from the visitor. After a click, the request for an email address is added to the box.

Email Pop Up

Email Popups with Element Click Trigger

The most focused email popup that is also the least obtrusive to visitors is the element click trigger popup. This version does not appear unless a user clicks on a specific button or link on the webpage. This is often a "Subscribe" or "Join the Mailing List" button. However, as can be seen in the example below, it can be any type of link. This link launches a popup when visitors show an interest in learning more about email marketing automation by clicking on the hyperlink in the article.

Element click popup


Hubspot turns a single button into a two-part email collection box. First, staying clearly with the Hubspot brand colors, the user is given the option of subscribing via email or Slack. It then moves to another page that collects email and more information about the subscriber's interest.

Email popups


This email popup appears after a click on the subscribe button and maintains a quick and easy signup process using just a first name and email address. Even though the user has already expressed an interest, there is no need to make things too complicated.

Email popups


Weglot sticks with its blue color scheme for this great looking email popup. Notice that the copy still makes a pitch for signing up even after the user has clicked on "Get the newsletter."

Email popups


When it comes to email popups, design is one of the most important factors. This example from atlassian.com is beautiful in the selection of colors and fonts and also in the smooth, subtle dimming of the window and fade-in of the box.

Email popups


In this unique example, Dotdigital starts with a floating round “Subscribe” dot. When clicked, it fades out as an attractive popup fades in. The design, in brand color and style, features rounded corners giving it a softer feel.

Email popups


Keap certainly doesn't want to miss a chance to capture an email address. Once visitors have already clicked on the "Subscribe" button, they have a decent amount of copy to encourage the user to follow through. They share what you will get from their weekly newsletter, list four reasons to subscribe, include some humor, and offer a plain English privacy statement.

Email pop up


Databox's subscribe button leads to a popup that makes excellent use of natural language. The question, "Can we send you our next blog post?" is followed by "Where should we send newly published content and reports to?" instead of a plain email address field. Subtle language changes can make all the difference.

Email popups

Medical News Today

A click on the "Newsletter" button on Medical News Today pops up a simple, understated box. Notice, however, the black text with the subtle border in the website's secondary color.

Email popups


This email popup, again triggered by a "Subscribe" button, offers two extra checkboxes for personalization. Also, notice the button text showing "I'm in" instead of the typical "Subscribe" or "signup” text.

Email popups

These are just some examples of the nearly endless options for email popups on your website. Don't let the possibilities overwhelm you. Personizely makes it easy to get started. Personizely integrates with the marketing tools you already use to make your workflow seamless and will help you increase your conversion rates and make more visitors into customers. Get started today and create your eye-catching and high convertible email popups in a few clicks using Personizely.