If you run an eCommerce business on Shopify or any other platform, chances are you are familiar with many of the strategies that can increase sales and profits. Years of research and experience have shown us that one of the most efficient ways to increase sales is not looking for new customers. Instead, if you want to sell more, find ways to upsell your current customers.

Finding new customers is essential, but there is always a cost to bringing new customers to your online store. That may be paid advertising or the labor cost of creating and sharing content to draw in new people. The expenses eat away at the bottom line. In the meantime, there is almost no cost associated with increasing sales volume with the customers you already have. This is especially true for those customers who have already taken steps toward making a purchase. All you need to do is get them to spend more. That is where upselling comes in.

It is important to note that the terms upselling and cross-selling are often used interchangeably. They both aim for the same result, but there is a subtle difference. Upselling in its purest form is offering a customer an upgraded or more expensive version of what they are already planning to buy. If someone goes to your website and is ready to buy a particular pair of headphones, upselling might mean offering them the chance to buy a slightly better pair.

Cross-selling is similar in that it tries to increase the purchase amount from that customer but, in this case, by offering an additional product that may go well with what they are already buying. So, for our headphone purchaser, it could be a case to protect them. Upselling and cross-selling are both critical and, in many cases, can be handled by the same overall strategy.

Finding the Best Upsell App for Shopify

Certainly, there are manual approaches to upselling, but time is a valuable commodity. Besides, the most effective way to get your customers to spend more is to automate the process. So, the first step in starting or improving your upselling is finding and installing the best upsell app for Shopify. Fortunately, with Personizely, you can get up and running right away. Even better, you can take the first step and create a Personizely account for free. There is no credit card required to sign up and check out all the platform has to offer.

Personizely's widgets take the guesswork out of your upsell strategy. They also take the ongoing work out of your hands. Once you set everything up, you can sit back and watch the additional revenue roll in. Personizely can handle upselling, cross-selling, and many other functions to help you increase sales.

Use These Ideas in Your Shopify Upsell App

You might need some inspiration to get started with or expand your use of the upsell. Here are some examples to get you thinking. If you like, feel free to copy and paste any of the words and phrases below into your Shopify upsell app to use for your eCommerce store.

e-Commerce Upselling Examples

Great, Greater, Greatest

A major hotel chain took a new approach to the upsell by showing customers something even better. The package the customer is about to purchase is stamped as a "great" deal. For the upsell, a more expensive upgrade is shown and stamped as "greater." It then shows the price difference and all of the extras the upgrade provides. This is a great upsell strategy since it affirms the customer's selection but then also shows what they could have for just a little more.

If you are using Personizely, you can accomplish something like this using the Upsell Widget. This will allow you to offer an upgraded variant when a potential customer adds a specific item to their cart. So, try an upsell using phrases like, "Your choice is great! But, want to try something even greater?"

Time is Running Out

If you are going to convince a customer to spend more, the best time to do it is right at the time of purchase. So, one approach to upselling is to show them the value of making that decision right now. Of course, this does necessitate offering some sort of incentive or discount. However, given that this customer has already come this far, you may be able to absorb some amount discount. Use wording like, "This is a limited-time offer valid only until you complete your purchase today."

Qualify for Free Shipping

Everybody loves free shipping. Still, not all eCommerce shops can afford to offer free shipping on any order. However, there is usually a total purchase amount that makes it worth it for the seller to ship for free. If that is the case, why not use it as a chance to upsell? In some cases, this may be considered cross-selling. However, the nuance does not matter much here because the idea is to get the customer to add more to their cart to get the free shipping offer.

With Personizely for Shopify, you can use the Cart Progress widget to make this happen. It can track how much more the customer needs to spend to reach the free shipping. Try phrasing like, "You are almost there. Just add a couple more items to qualify for free shipping."

Upselling through Buy the Bundle Option

This approach definitely falls more into the cross-selling category, and it is one that customers seem to love. You know your products better than anyone. That should mean that you know what other products would go well with what a customer is already buying.

This is an excellent use for Personizely's Product Recommendations feature, which allows you to recommend items based on what is already in the cart. Examples of wording for this include, "Customers who purchased X often also purchase Y."


This is a little more specific than bundling. Some sellers may offer a product that either requires or works better with some accessories. Maybe it's a power adapter for a battery-operated item or even the batteries. It may even be an extended warranty for an electronics purchase.

Find the right Personizely widget and think about wording like, "Consider some of these accessories that will go great with your purchase."

Wondering how to implement ideas like this in your eCommerce store? Sign up for a free trial of Personizely and see how quick and easy it is to get started. Let's look at some more.

Upselling through The Free Gift Option

Everybody loves a free gift, and you can leverage that to get your customers to spend a little more. This can work as an upsell or cross-sell. The main idea is to give the customer a set purchase amount that unlocks a free gift. Much like the free shipping offer, customers may either upgrade their purchase or add something else to their cart to get their gift. The gift will differ depending on the products you sell. Just make sure it is appealing enough to make those customers want to spend a little more.

This is another excellent use for Personizely's Cart Progress widget. You might try adding words like, "Want a free gift? This (great product) is available free just by adding $x more to your cart."

Lots of People are Buying...

Nothing creates success like success. In our "fear of missing out" world, you can gain a lot of traction just by drawing attention to things that are popular. When people get ready to check out, let them know what is currently hot in your inventory and make it easy for them to add it to their cart right away.

Consider using phrases like, "Check out what other customers are currently buying."

Don't Overwhelm Your Customers

If you really want to get the most out of upselling, make sure to make it as smooth and straightforward as possible. Customers don't want too many options. That leads to choice paralysis, which leads to more abandoned carts. Also, make the process of adding that upgraded option or extra as frictionless as possible. If the customer has to work too hard, they may skip the upsell or decide not to purchase at all. This is another reason to select the right Shopify upsell app. Personizely is ready to help make the customer experience smooth and frictionless.

Make it Easy to Upsell Products with Personizely

You will be surprised how quickly you can add advanced upselling features to your eCommerce store with Personizely. You get access to tools for advanced targeting to deliver the right message based on activity history, referral source, location, device, cart value, order history, and several other criteria. Personizely's widgets are entirely customizable and even allow for multiple steps for more advanced strategies.

The drag and drop visual widget builder enables you to make professional-looking widgets that perform exactly as you need. Real-time analytics let you see clearly how things are working and make adjustments on the fly. All of the templates are mobile responsive, and you can place them anywhere on the screen you want.

Final Words

There is no doubt that upselling is one of the fastest ways to increase revenues. It may seem challenging to get started. It doesn't have to be. Consider some of the thematic ideas above and then count on Personizely for implementation. Learn more at personizely.net and find out all the ways you can improve your eCommerce business. There is no obligation to check out all Personizely has to offer. Sign up for a free trial and see how fast and easy it is to start upselling today.