Building your email list is an important way to improve your marketing reach. Your email list is the perfect way to connect with customers already interested in your products, allowing you to better reach them. Many marketing departments, however, struggle to build those all-important lists, especially when they're just getting started or they've recently made a major change to the business. With these methods, you can better shape your email list without having to destroy your budget.

The Importance of Your (Free) Email Marketing List

Your email marketing list serves a number of vital functions for your business. It:

  • Establishes a direct means of communication with your customers.
  • Helps increase the odds that customers who browse your content will return to your website when they are ready to make a purchase.
  • Generates a great deal of revenue — including substantially more conversions than your social media pages and other advertising efforts.

Ultimately, your email marketing list can have a substantial impact on your business's revenue and your customers' opinion of your business, especially when used properly. Below, I have described seven easy methods you can use to grow your email marketing list.

1. Offer a discount for newsletter signups

It's not enough to display a popup with a newsletter signup offer. Instead, you need to offer something valuable to your visitors. Offer an incentive they would love to have. A percentage off their first purchase, free shipping on their purchase, or an ongoing discount for newsletter members can all convince potential customers to sign up for your emails. They get the discount that might encourage them to choose you over your competitors, and you get a better connection with your customers: it's a win for everyone.

Email popup

2. Build free email lists as customers book demos

Like this company,, which asks for an email to connect with customers interested in booking a product demonstration, you can take advantage of demo offers to learn more about your customers — including how to connect with them via email. Information on how to book that demonstration isn't all that has to pass between you. Once they're on your list, you can also provide customers with further information about everything you have to offer, for example, discounts on future products, and it helps guide customers through the buying process so that they can learn more about your company and everything you have to offer.

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3. Try a lead magnet – Build an email list for free

You provide a range of valuable content on your website, including ebooks, checklists, and templates. While you want to be sure you have plenty of free content to show your customers that you know what you're talking about, you may also want to offer gated content: when you provide customers with access to that content, they give you their email address in return. Often, this simple incentive can go a long way toward encouraging customers to join your mailing list. Customers are often willing to provide you with contact information when they believe they will receive something useful in return and once they have provided that important information, you can use that connection to provide them with future beneficial information.


4. Bring back customers who abandon their carts

Cart abandonment can cause you to miss out on a lot of sales. Not many of your customers are ready to purchase when they visit your store for the first time — and there are a lot of reasons why they may choose to abandon their carts. Expensive product prices, shipping prices, and other concerns can cause you to lose customers before they checkout. Don't lose those customers! Make an offer to visitors who intend to abandon their carts by using exit-intent offers. For example, you might offer 15% off and a free shipping coupon if visitors will finish their order within fifteen minutes. In exchange for that coupon, ask for an email address. Even if the visitor does not complete the purchase, you will now have his email address. You can then send him a cart abandonment email or other interesting offers.

Cart abandonment popup

5. Collecting email addresses when customers sign up for your events

Are you hosting an in-store event that your customers can't wait to attend? What about virtual events: webinars, for example? When customers sign up for those important events, collect their email addresses and add them to your email list. Not only do you need email addresses to connect with customers who are coming to those events, providing them with updates and other essential information, you can use their email addresses to provide them with other critical information about your company: future events, further product offers, and other things that you know will interest them.


6. Free targeted email list as an item comes back in stock

Customers visiting your website may be extremely disappointed to learn that an item is out of stock, especially if that item is hard to find or much-anticipated. When items do go out of stock on your website, despite your best efforts to ensure that all of your customers have what they need, consider taking advantage of it to help build your email lists. Offer a popup that will ask customers for their email addresses so that you can let them know when those items are back in stock. You can then add their email addresses to your list, allowing you to contact those customers with information that might be of interest to them. As an added bonus, you'll also get a good look at one of the items that most interests your customer, which can help you decide how to segment your lists to more effectively provide content to that customer.

Back in stock

7. Display opt-in forms on your homepage

Sometimes, customers who are visiting your website quickly realize that they want more information from your company. They like your products, they like your services, and they believe you fulfill an expert role in your industry. While your customer is browsing your website, a bar along the top or bottom of the screen offers an unobtrusive, but hopefully irresistible, call to action. If you offer a free trial of your services, this is a great way to put the information up front without being pushy. You could also include a newsletter or an invitation to join an exclusive membership.

Opt-in forms

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