Black Friday 2021 is shaping up to be another highly profitable year for eCommerce. Some forecasters thought that this year might see a slide for online sellers as consumers returned, in masses, to brick-and-mortar stores at the end of the pandemic. However, as you probably know, many customers are not quite ready to head into crowded public places. That could be good news for online retailers. Add to that the fact that consumer confidence continues to rise, meaning that shoppers may also be spending a bit more this holiday shopping season. This is all on top of a record last year. According to Adobe, in 2020 consumers spent around $34.4 billion online in the period that included Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

This is all good news for eCommerce sellers. However, it is critical to know that most online retailers are already getting their Black Friday marketing campaigns and tactics up and running. As more eCommerce sellers come online in search of a piece of these record-breaking sales, it will be more important than ever to make sure you are ready. That means finding, reviewing, and implementing the best Black Friday marketing campaigns.

Black Friday Email Marketing

Some of the most critical Black Friday work begins long before shoppers start checking for those yearly deals. There are various strategies for using your email list to build those relationships with customers that will get them to your site when the sales start. However, before you can begin to design those emails, you need to be sure you have someone to send them to. This means collecting email addresses from your potential customers. One of the best places to find those customers is on your own website. It's good to remember that this time of year, people may be shopping, but are most likely holding off any big purchases until those Black Friday sales begin. So, if someone is on your website now, while they may not make a purchase right away, you will want to be sure you can stay on their radar.


To start collecting email addresses from your website is pretty simple, and there are many ways to go around it. Having a tool that has the potential to supercharge your efforts, however, is even better. Depending on your product and existing strategy, Personizely can enable you to customize your approach. For example, you can use advanced targeting to ensure that only the right people are approached. You can use data like activity history, referral source, location, device, order history, and more to deliver an invitation or signup form. This can be customized to reach people who may not yet have signed up and the people most likely to sign up.

Most successful eCommerce businesses use some type of lead magnet offer to convince potential customers to submit their email addresses or other personal information. Personizely makes it possible to customize and deliver this offer at the right moment using widgets. Email signups can pop up or be embedded in any page. The easy-to-use drag and drop editor makes it possible to create and implement multiple signup forms. And in addition, you can link them directly to the email platform you already use, like Klaviyo, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and more.

Black Friday Marketing Emails

So, if you already have your email list ready or are using Personizely to get those submissions rolling in, it is time to consider your Black Friday marketing email strategy. Before you start sending out emails, take some time to think through a few things. Black Friday through Cyber Monday have to potential to be some of your most prolific days of the year. It is worth taking some time to make sure you are implementing the very best strategy to get your potential customers to shop with you when the time comes.

Consider a Series

With a shopping day as big as Black Friday, you are likely going to be sending more than one email. So why not think about it as a series? Think through what you want to communicate to those shoppers and lay it out across the coming weeks. This is an opportunity to build anticipation and keep your store and brand at the top of peoples' minds.

Communicate the "When"

The most prepared Black Friday shoppers spend significant time and effort learning what is on sale and when those sales start. Will your sales begin on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday morning? What time do deals start? Will there be different offers at different times throughout the weekend? What about separate Cyber Monday offers? Sharing this type of information in advance gives you a reason to reach out and stay fresh in buyer's minds. It also increases the chances that they will jump in when your sales go live.

Consider a Gift Guide

There may be some shoppers who will wake up early on Black Friday looking for one particular thing. Others will hit the web with an entire list. They will be looking for the best gift for each person, at the best price. So why not help them out? Gift guides can feature the hottest products of the season. They can also be designed and laid out by category, such as age, gender, price, etc. Be sure to include the discounts that will be available and when the sales start.

Don't Forget to Promote Gift Cards

If you offer gift cards, your Black Friday marketing emails are a perfect place to remind customers about them. Some retailers present special offers on discounted gift cards. Even if you don't offer any special deals, it is good to keep them in front of customers in case they can't find that perfect gift.

Black friday gift card

Best Black Friday Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is just one part of the best Black Friday marketing campaigns. This is an excellent time of year to get creative and let your business stand out from all the others. You certainly won't have the only sale on the web, so why not approach things differently? While every eCommerce business is different, consider if some of these campaign ideas might work for you.

Flash Sales

Instead of offering the usual sales that last all-day Black Friday or throughout the Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday stretch, consider adding some excitement by featuring flash sales. Once you have this setup, you can promote the timing of the sales in advance or hold back the information to keep customers returning to your site. It's also a great way to leverage your social media presence by announcing flash sales through various social channels.


Give a Little Back

Not all customers are interested only in the best price. Some would also like to make a difference. If it is feasible for your business, consider giving a percentage of your Black Friday sales profits to a charity that aligns with the values of your store or brand. It doesn't have to be an enormous amount of money. Even a small percentage or fixed amount can help customers feel good about shopping with you.

Black friday charity

Consider Bonus Rewards

Black Friday is about more than bringing in shoppers and converting them to buyers. It is also about getting the maximum possible spend for each customer. Therefore, this is a great time to add or increase rewards, especially based on the order total. Free shipping is a great place to start but also consider other rewards at higher purchase levels. These could be increased discounts or even coupons for later purchases.

Free shipping

Offer Early Access

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a significant driver during Black Friday sales. People know that the very best deals don't last. This keeps consumers tracking when sales start and even staying up late or getting up early to take advantage of the sales that will be over in a flash. Part of your Black Friday Marketing campaign could be offering a chance to get deals before anyone else. This could be linked to signing up for an email list or based on previous purchase activity.

Sales announcement

Black Friday Marketing Tactics

Once you have your Black Friday email marketing and Black Friday marketing campaign set up, it is time to think at a more tactical level. It's is an excellent time to review your website and create the best possible shopping experience. It is also vital to reduce or eliminate any friction or obstacles to making a purchase.

The best way to improve your eCommerce shopping experience in a way that will increase sales and profits is to add personalization. eCommerce website personalization enhances the customer experience, boosts customer engagement, and raises your conversion rate. Fortunately, Personizely makes website customization fast and easy. Using the advanced targeting feature, you can deliver custom content based on the unique attributes of customers. For example, you can target based on device, location, site activity, and even order history.


The most exciting use of personalization of Black Friday is the ability to make personalized product recommendations. For new site visitors, suggestions could be based on the link they clicked to get to the site. For instance, if you are running ads promoting a specific product, you can ensure that visitors that click on that link will see that product front and center. With Personizely, you can customize recommendations based on what a customer has already viewed or even added to their cart. Based on that, you can offer the recommendation most likely to also end up in their cart and increase their overall purchase total.

Get Ready for Black Friday Starting Today with Personizely

From helping to build your email marketing list to creating a personalized experience for each Black Friday shopper, Personizely can help you have the best Black Friday ever. So take advantage of the free trial today. Check out the features like advanced targeting, multiple content variations, and easily customizable widgets to improve your shopping experience and get people to add even more to their carts before checkout.