If you are looking to take your Shopify store to the next level and increase sales and profits, you will want to check out this list of the 30 best Shopify apps for your store. Whether you need help improving your conversion rates, want to get connected to suppliers for your store's inventory, are looking to add automated email marketing, thinking of trying a new option for shipping, or want to see all the ways an app can help you sell more and make more, there are apps on the list to help.

1. Personizely – Conversion at its best

If you want to improve the profitability of your Shopify store, the best place to start is by increasing your conversion rate and the value of your average order. Personizely is designed to do just that. Personizely is all about creating beautiful custom exit-intent popups, designed to catch potential customers before they leave your site. It can also help you create email list building popups, limited-time offer, loyalty reward, cross sell and upsell and other custom tools with the drag and drop builder and built-in templates. Personizely can even help you create a more personalized experience for your repeat visitors. If you are already using other tools like Google Analytics, Recart, Omnisend, MailChimp, Klaviyo, and others, Personizely easily integrates, giving you even more options and saving you time. Whether it list building, onsite retargeting, website personalization, or promotions, Personizely can handle it all, combining multiple essential tools in one app to help you get more out of your Shopify store.


2. Printify – Shopify app that's on top of your inventory

Want to expand your inventory without any cost, risk, or hassle? Then check out Printify. Choose from over 250 products, including t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, mugs, phone cases, and more. Use the built-in mockup generator to create custom products that you can display in your store inventory. You can then offer these products without ever even touching them as they are fulfilled by printers around the world. Printify also manages printing and shipping using your custom branding.


3. Oberlo – Product management with the best Shopify apps

Oberlo lets you add a variety of other products to your Shopify store's inventory with minimal effort. With just a couple of clicks, you can add products from the Oberlo Marketplace or AliExpress. You will then be able to sell these products while Oberlo handles order fulfillment and inventory management automatically.


4. Modalyst – Save time with the best of shopify net 30

Get access to millions of products from more than 100,000 reliable suppliers by adding the Modalyst app to your Shopify store. Please your customers with customized packaging & branding, one-click order fulfillment, real-time order tracking, and fast shipping. Modalyst even has a 24/7 dedicated support team to resolve any problems quickly.


5. Judge.me – Product reviews that work the best

Offering product reviews is a great way to increase buyer engagement and conversion rates. Judge.me makes it easy to add reviews to your Shopify store. You can get started quickly as the app helps with customizing widget design and recommending positioning. Product reviews can have text, photos, and videos, and customers can receive automatic reminders to complete a review.


6. Plug in SEO – Get found faster

Getting found online is one of the most essential parts of increasing sales and revenues. Add Plug in SEO to your Shopify store, and it will help you find, troubleshoot, and fix search engine optimization (SEO) problems so you will begin to see more organic traffic. It automatically checks page titles and descriptions, speed, structure, and other essentials and includes code snippets to help you fix the problem yourself.

Plug in SEO

7. CM Commerce – Email marketing matters

Email marketing is an essential part of getting the word out about your store and staying in contact with your current customers. CM Commerce adds automated email marketing to your Shopify store. This app gives you access to tools like supercharged receipts with embedded upselling modules and abandoned cart email campaigns. It will also make your newsletters even more effective with easy to create personalized email campaigns. CM Commerce also offers integrated automated feedback to your customers, so you can keep them coming back for more.

CM Commerce

8. Jilt – All in one for shopify email marketing

Jilt is a comprehensive email marketing tool designed to increase sales in your Shopify store. It offers everything you need in one package: email newsletters, abandoned cart, and win-back email campaigns, new customer welcomes, purchase followups, replenishment reminders, and more. Bring your shipping confirmations and receipts to life with data-rich transaction emails. Jilt's built-in visual drag and drop email designer will help you create beautiful attention-getting emails in minutes.


9. Omnisend – Email communication from the best

Adding the Omnisend app to your Shopify store will give you access to their lightening-fast email creator to create professional-looking email communications in minutes. This app also handles all the essential automated messages like cart abandonment and package tracking. One of the unique aspects of Omnisend is its included SMS automation tools that allow you to communicate with customers via text message.


10. Firepush – Marketing and Remarketing

Firepush helps you gain more sales with smart remarketing, flash sale messages, abandoned cart alert, and unique discount codes. It works through automated email, web push notifications, and SMS. All of the features of the app can be conveniently accessed through a single dashboard. Firepush can also be configured to help you upsell or cross-sell additional products to your current customers, increasing the value of your average order.


11. SaveMySales – SMS engagement

If your marketing strategy is based on SMS text messaging, SaveMySales offers an all-in-one platform to help with all aspects of your campaigns. The app helps you grow your SMS marketing list and then segment it based on customers' actions and then target the right customers with the right messages. SaveMySales uses SMS for abandoned cart recovery, campaigns, and even LiveText so customers can text members of the SaveMySales team who will engage with your customers until they are ready to make a purchase.


12. LeadDyno – Supercharge your Shopify affiliate marketing

If you are considering adding affiliate marketing to your Shopify store or are looking for an app to supercharge the program you have now, take a look at LeadDyno. This app helps you get started with your own affiliate website right away. You can even tap into their network to recruit affiliates at no extra charge. You also get access to best practices from their marketing director to help you launch and optimize your program. Affiliates get access to their own dashboard, mobile app, and one-click social media sharing.


13. ReCharge – Recurring subscriptions portal

If you are looking for a way to sell subscriptions on your Shopify store, check out ReCharge. The app is perfect for refillable consumables, subscribe and save models, and even subscription boxes. ReCharge is the only Shopify Plus approved recurring billing platform and already works with over 10,000 merchants. You can get started with subscriptions in under 15 minutes, and the service offers a unique portal for each customer, mobile-friendly access, and over 20 built-in integrations.


14. Shoelace – The start for your retargeting journey

Shoelace offers a comprehensive retargeting experience for your Shopify store. It uses automation, human expertise, and data from thousands of previous digital campaigns to develop the exact right approach for your store or brand. Using segmentation to develop ongoing retargeting journeys, this app helps you take advantage of every interaction with your customers to build long-term loyalty.


15. Ako Retargeting – One platform to rule them all

If you want to focus your retargeting efforts on Facebook and Instagram, Ako Retargeting offers a solution to help turn interested visitors into customers. This app supports multiple ad formats, including carousel and collection/canvas as well as multiple channels on Facebook and Instagram, including Messenger, mobile feeds, Marketplace, and Audience Network. You have full access to the latest data without even leaving your Shopify dashboard.

Ako facebook ads

16. Sales Pop – The best app for Shopify conversion

Sales Pop is designed to increase sales and conversions by demonstrating your store is trustworthy, and your products are in demand. Based on FOMO (fear of missing out) principles, the app gives customers the chance to see what others have recently purchased. By simply sharing information about other purchases, potential customers become more likely to complete their purchase. You can even customize what customers in different regions see using built-in GeoLocation, and a wide array of templates make it easy to get started and make things look great.

Sales Pop

17. Gorgias – Multiple channel support

Gorgias is a help desk that offers smooth and powerful integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus. The app is already in use by many top Shopify stores to reduce response time and improve customer satisfaction. Gorgias works across multiple channels, including email, phone, live chat, Facebook, Instagram, or your contact page, allowing the customer support team to respond quickly on the channel the customer prefers.


18. Tawk.to – Keeping track of your chats

Tawk.to is a free app for your Shopify store that enables your customers to engage with you via chat in real-time. You or your customer service agents can log in using a modern web browser or via apps for iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac OS and quickly respond to customers. Tawk.to also includes a ticketing system so you won't lose track of potential customers or specific requests.


19. Tracktor Order Tracking – Keep your orders in check

If you want to compete with the major retailers and increase customer satisfaction, consider adding order tracking to your Shopify store. Tracktor makes it simple and easy to add status and order tracking integrated with all of the major shipping carriers. Customers love the ability to check on the status of their delivery, and Tracktor gives you the ability to check on deliveries as well.

Tracktor Order Tracking

20. AfterShip Returns Center – Smart app solution for Shopify returns

Dealing with returns to your Shopify store can be a real hassle. AfterShip makes it less complicated by offering you and your customers a branded returns center. With just a couple of clicks, customers can initiate a return, and the app will shorten the returns approval process by using your preset returns policy.


21. ShippingEasy – No stress tracking

ShippingEasy offers a seller suite for Shopify that will help you print labels, save money on shipping, and much more. With paid plans, you get access to Commercial Plus Pricing (usually reserved for large companies) and other shipping discounts. The app makes creating shipping labels from Shopify easier than ever. It also offers tools for managing orders and inventory, saving you time. To increase your customer satisfaction, ShippingEasy provides automated emails for tracking and custom branded packing slips. You can even reduce lost sales with customized abandoned cart emails.


22. Conversific – Analytics that bring results

Conversific can help you optimize your website traffic and conversion rate by helping you take a closer look at the analytics data from your Shopify store. In as little as a minute, you can access all of your most important analytics on one page. You can review order analytics, marketing and conversion insights, specific product insights, and even a to-do list of tasks that will help you improve your conversions.


23. Manychat – Automation for the best customer experience

Manychat gives you the power to communicate with your customers using SMS and Facebook's popular Messenger service. Since so many potential customers rely on text messages and Messenger to communicate, why not meet them where they are? Manychat also gives you the power to create Messenger bots to automate the process of communicating with your customers.


24. Rise: Gift Card Loyalty Program

Rise is a proactive store credit and loyalty program that allows you to leverage gift cards to increase revenue and loyalty, and drive new visitors to your store. Your customers will easily be able to purchase and send branded gift cards and vouchers to friends, family, and coworkers via Email and Instant Message. It will also help you run loyalty point programs and issue gift card refunds for returns.

Rise Gift Card

25. LoyaltyLion – Loyalty, rewards and referrals

LoyaltyLion can help you start a loyalty rewards program or improve the one you have, leading to higher engagement and revenue from existing customers. Customize your program to award points for purchases, sign-ups, site visits, reviews, referrals, and more. Allow points to be redeemed for discounted or free shipping, percentage savings vouchers, early access to sales, and even free products.


26. Pre‑Order Manager – As easy as it sounds

Make it easy for your customers to pre-order products before they are available with Pre-Order Manager. Your "Add to cart" button can easily be replaced by a "Pre-Order" button for products not yet in stock, allowing your customer to go through the normal process to place an order to be fulfilled when the item is ready. Get started right away with no need to customize your theme.

Pre order manager

27. Currency Converter+ – The BEST use of geolocation

Currency Converter+ automatically detects your customer's country and then shows prices in their local currency. It uses paid professional providers to handle both the exchange rates and geolocation. The app includes 222 available currencies, including Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and precious metals.

Currency Converter

28. Push Monkey – Notifications for all the browsers

Breakthrough the marketing clutter with push notifications. Push Monkey empowers you to generate push notifications in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. You can use push notifications to remind customers about abandoned carts, send promotions, recommend products, back in stock notifications, and price drop notifications.

Push Monkey

29. GemPages – New Shopify pages that are ready in seconds

GemPages will help you design Shopify pages that are designed to convert customers in your Shopify store. There is no need for code to create highly effective, attractive pages optimized for conversions by experts. Just drag and drop for pages that are responsive, mobile-friendly, and have convenient built-in mini-apps.


30. Sufio – Easy invoicing

Sufio is a Shopify app designed to create professional invoices with little effort. Invoices are generated automatically upon order creation, payment, or fulfillment and can be automatically sent via email or be downloaded. Online payment options also mean that you can get paid faster.


Boost your conversion and sales with these Shopify Apps

There you have it, the 30 best Shopify apps for your store. Now all you need to do is decide where to get started. Nearly every business owner needs help in at least one area for  growing a business. Find yours, and there is an app to help you. Get it installed and begin to see increases in your sales, revenues, and profit.