Newsletter marketing is a proven way to build relationships with potential and existing customers. A well-written email newsletter, clearly targeted at consumers who already have some level of interest in what you have to offer, can keep your store and brand fresh in peoples' minds. It can also function to demonstrate your authority in your area of focus and keep customers informed about new products and special offers. Finally, it can also be a great nudge to get someone back to your online store to make a purchase.

If you do it right, you will put considerable effort into creating your email newsletter – finding the best content and deciding on the best design to capture the attention and imagination of your subscribers. Still, you need a way to get people to sign up. So let's look at some of the best newsletter signup examples to help spark your own creativity.

Newsletter Popup Ideas and More

The biggest point to keep in mind is to ensure your approach to newsletter signups aligns with your brand, your products or services, and the type of newsletter you offer. That said, some of the examples below may not work for your eCommerce business. However, they might get you thinking and spark an idea or two.

Newsletter Popup Ideas

If you are wondering how to bring these ideas to life, Personizely has the tools you need. With advanced targeting and multiple triggers, you can be sure your signup invitation shows up at just the right moment, and the mobile responsive templates make your forms look great on any device.

Best Newsletter Signup Examples

Make Them an Offer – The most straightforward of all the newsletter signup examples is the simple value transaction. Examples of offers include a money-saving coupon, a free shipping offer, or even a free gift. Using Personizely's drag and drop builder, you can create a widget with the offer, a field for an email address, and a subscribe button. You really don't need anything else. The customer gets their coupon, gift, or discount, and you get to send them your next newsletter.

Thrifted Threads, an online thrift store, offers their visitors a 10% discount if they subscribe to their newsletter, which can be a good incentive for a first-time purchase as well.

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Offer Subscriber-Only Benefits – Maybe you can offer something more than a coupon or a discount. Consider something that goes beyond the next purchase. For example, the snack company Brave has an entire list of exclusive benefits you get from submitting your email. Besides the one-time discount, the offer stands for a fortnight discount, tasty recipes, as well as early access to new products.

Newsletter Signup Popup

Use Social Proof Another great incentive to sign up for a newsletter is that everyone else is doing it. Getting people to do something is often as simple as letting them know that everyone else is doing it. If you do have some positive social proof, share it as part of your ask. For example, let them know how many people have already signed up, and they may join the crowd.

Fashion Newsletter Examples

Before You GoWith Personizely's customizable exit-intent widgets, you get one last chance to make a connection. If the language is well crafted, this can be a very personal approach. Using the phrase, "Before you go”, shows them that you know they are about to click away, and now, you can give them the chance to take something with them.

Your approach may be a special offer, as mentioned above, or even a chance to get more information about what they were just looking at. Clothing retailer J.Crew offers an extra 15% off if it sees you are about to leave. Just sign up for their newsletter, and it is yours.

exit intent widget

Email Signup Popups For Shopify And Beyond

Show Them the Alternative If you are willing to be a little edgy or tongue-in-cheek, your newsletter popup can give website visitors a chance to say no, but in a slightly different way. For example, you can provide two buttons to choose from. The first one is a positive statement like, "Yes, please sign me up and send me my $10 off coupon." The second one is the humorous negative response like, "No, thank you. I don't like saving money." It might be enough to get a chuckle and, if you are lucky, another subscriber.

Sell Them on the Newsletter One way to up your chances of building a great newsletter email list is simply to have a great newsletter. That may sound obvious, but the better your newsletter, the more confident you can be in your invitation. Most newsletters are pretty simple and keep people updated on sales and specials. Those are great for many businesses. But, other newsletters may actually be compelling enough that people will really want to subscribe.

There are many ways to make your newsletter interesting enough that people will want to sign up, but they all involve great content. More than just a big advertisement, these newsletters can share knowledge and insight, information relevant to the lifestyle of your product or brand, or even an insider's look behind the scenes through photos and videos. For example, shaving and personal grooming company Harry's sends out a newsletter with illustrated shaving tips that men love to read. If you are using this approach, make sure you tell visitors all about it in your sign up widget.

Just Keep It Out There – Most of the other newsletter sign up examples involve a popup that shows up at a predetermined moment. Another approach is to keep the newsletter signup in front of them at all times. A full-time newsletter sign up form at the top or bottom of the page is always ready if people decide to join the list.

Coupon Wording Examples

It's Free! Everybody likes something for nothing. It might not be practical to send a physical item to everyone who signs up for your newsletter, but that doesn't mean you can't give people something. You can offer people downloadable guides, reviews, recipes, tips, whatever aligns best with what you offer through your online business. With Personizely, you can use advanced targeting to show the offer to the visitors most likely to sign up. And, with multiple triggers, you can be sure that it pops up at just the right moment.

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Give Them a Choice – Why give people a choice of yes or no when you can give them multiple ways to say yes. For example, if you happen to have more than one newsletter or mailing list, you may be better off giving visitors the choice of which list they want to sign up for. Providing multiple options is a popular technique with online clothing retailers that sell both men's and women's clothes. They invite you to introduce your email and then choose, not whether or not you want to sign up but rather whether you want to sign up for the newsletter for men's clothes or women's.

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Offer "Instant Access"None of us like waiting and would much rather do something to speed things along than to wait. This is really just another version of the "It's Free!" newsletter sign up example. Much of finding the right approach is understanding which words or phrases may capture your visitor's imagination.

Promise Something They Can't Get Anywhere Else – A little exclusivity goes a long way. It may take some creativity, but if you can offer something visitors can't get from another store, people will gladly subscribe to your newsletter. Of course, what you offer depends on your business, but some ideas include access to a downloadable resource, an invitation to a webinar, or an early look at new products.

Copycat fragrances, for example, offers a free perfume sample in addition to your first purchase. A great trade-in if you are in search of a new signature scent.

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Invite them To Join Something Bigger Than Themselves Maybe your email newsletter is more than a newsletter. Maybe it is an invitation to a movement. If your business belongs to a lifestyle or movement, your newsletter may be about some larger ideas. Let your sign up invitation wording reflect what people are signing up for. With Personizely, you can adjust text, colors, images, and fields with the easy-to-use drag and drop widget builder to get the look and feel just right.

You've Seen Our Examples, Now To Your Personal Newsletter Templates

With some of these ideas, along with the tools included with Personizely, you can start building your subscriber list right away. You can create the exact widgets you need and ensure they show up at the optimal time. So whether you want to catch people as they begin to leave, only invite first-time visitors, ask only on specific pages, initiate a pop up when an item is added to the cart, or only show when someone comes from a particular referring link, Personizely can make it happen in just a few clicks.

Take advantage of Personizely's no-obligation free trial to see just how easy it makes it to create custom widgets and activate them based on multiple criteria and steps. So sign up today and fine-tune your approach to watch those newsletter sign ups roll in.