One thing that most consumers have in common, is the appreciation of personalized shopping experiences. Take a moment and think about your shopping habits. Chances are you much prefer to purchase from a site that offers a custom shopping experience that makes you feel as if you are buying from a local retailer. What you may not realize is that these companies are utilizing geomarketing to resonate with their target audience. This is a useful marketing technique that your business can use to convert more visitors into customers and increase sales.  

What is Geomarketing?

Geomarketing is an extremely useful technique that is used in marketing efforts to understand the location of your target audience and to use location intelligence as a part of your marketing strategy. Knowing and understanding your audience's geographic locations will help you create campaigns geared towards your target audience. Information gathered from geomarketing tells you a great deal about consumer behavior and intent.  

It is important to understand that geomarketing does not just refer to where a target audience physically resides. It also refers to where your target audience lives on the internet. Which sites are your potential consumers visiting most often? What products are they looking at? How can you provide an offer that is too enticing to pass up?

There is also a financial benefit to incorporating geomarketing into your marketing strategy. The cost of marketing campaigns and efforts can quickly add up. Geomarketing helps your marketing department make better use of your marketing budget, by framing out your target audience and focusing your campaigns on audiences who are the most likely to convert to customers. This means you are more likely to see a higher return on your marketing efforts.

How Can Geomarketing Convert Visitors into Customers?

Geomarketing helps businesses convert visitors into customers in a couple of different ways. First, when you utilize geomarketing, you are automatically targeting an audience that is more likely to purchase your product than the general population. Secondly, when shopping for products and services, people love personalization. This is the backbone of geomarketing. When visitors click on your site, they see information that is geared towards their location. Let's take a look at 5 examples of how geomarketing can help to increase conversion rate and boost sales.

1. Personalized Shipping Offer

Use geomarketing to offer personalized shipping offers depending on where the visitor lives. For example, if a website visitor is from Australia you can show personalized offer "Free shipping in Australia". If visitors are from Belgium, you can show the generic offer "We ship worldwide". Through the use of geolocation, the website recognizes the physical location and is able to offer personalized shipping offers.

Geomarketing example, free shipping

It is important to note that the shipping personalizations do not always have to be free shipping on any orders. It can be free shipping on orders over X amount of dollars. The order amount can change based on location. Furthermore, shipping offers can be completely customized to accommodate your business's needs!

2. Knowing the Location of the Site Visitor

Geomarketing allows you to determine the location of the visitor on your website and deliver a message to them in their native language. This is an excellent way to personalize their experience and help your brand connect and resonate with them. For example, let's say someone visits your website from Mexico, you can personalize welcome messages like, "Haz clic aqui para comprar en español". This means "Click here to shop in Spanish." Your visitor will instantly feel more at home and comfortable on your site.

Welcome message personalization

This feature of geomarketing is extremely advantageous in allowing visitors the option of shopping in their native language.  

3. Geomarketing Promotions Here, There, but not Everywhere

With the use of geomarketing you can offer promotions based on visitor locations. For instance, if a visitor is based in the United States, your site can offer a promotion announcement for the 4th of July, Independence Day. On the other hand, if you can offer a promotion for Remembrance Day for visitors from the UK. Certain holidays hold feelings of sentiment and pride for most people. Consumers appreciate when companies recognize holidays that they hold near and dear to their hearts.

Geomarketing, holiday promotion, website perosnalization

4. Relevant Examples of Geomarketing Strategy

Based on visitor location, announce offers that are specific to that particular location. For instance, if you have a potential customer from UK visiting your site, they will see an announcement such as, "The best deals in UK, London." This is much more personalized than, "The best deals worldwide." It makes the search process much less intimidating and makes visitors feel that your business has already done some of the product filtering legwork for them. It can be frustrating for consumers to sift through thousands of products to find what they are looking for. The ability to begin their search with only products relevant to their location is extremely helpful because you offer to customers exactly what they need.

personalization by location

5. Geoadvertising for the Weather

Geomarketing allows you to gear your marketing efforts based on the season of the location of your visitor. For instance, a visitor from South America in July is not going to be the least bit interested in a snow jacket. However, a visitor from northern Canada will be. The use of geomarketing allows you to feature summer collections to visitors in a warmer climate, while simultaneously presenting winter collections to visitors located in cooler climates.  

Geomarketing, personalization by weather

Final words

The use of geomarketing has revolutionized the online shopping world and is mandatory for any online business. It is not only useful for companies to better focus their marketing efforts but it also beneficial for consumers to engage in a more enjoyable shopping and purchasing experience.

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